Fabulous Kapok flowers glorified Foshan streets with a touch of red
2021-02-23 17:42




Speaking of February, we think of it as a time for reborn and birth, and associate it with a cozy and warm weather and eye-catching blossoms. Now we are greeted with the blooming of Kapok, also named as  "hero flower" and "red cotton". Every February and March is the best time for appreciating the flower. Foshan is home to a massive coverage of Kapok flowers in each district. Exposed to the warm sunlight, the "red cotton" stands out at any given glance.



Kapok flowers in full blossoms





Warm weather nurtures Kapok trees in February



Kapok flowers fell on the street



Clusters of Kapok flowers are sipping on bright sunshine





Author | Jersey

Revisor | Jessica

Photo | Lv Runzhi,Foshan Daily