“Guangfo Bay” announced to mark a new era for regional integration
2021-03-26 17:43

On March 25th, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources (Liwan District Branch) and Foshan Bureau of Natural Resources (Nanhai Branch) announced a plan of “International Consultation for the Conceptual Planning and Urban Design of Guangfo Bay”, which kickstarted the building of Guangfo Bay. The planned area will further promote the high-quality development of Guangzhou and Foshan, from a focus on “co-construction on a municipal level” to “integrated development on a district level”, and build a cross-border “Liwan-Naihai” to a seamless one.



Schematic Diagram of Planning Scope


According to the announcement, Guangfo Bay is located in the west of Liwan, Guangzhou; Southeast of Nanhai, and is close to Baietan Business District in Guangzhou and Qiandenghu Lake Financial High-tech Zone in Foshan. The area stands 10 kilometers away from Guangzhou South Railway Station in the South, 10 kilometers away from Guangzhou Railway Station in the North, and 14 kilometers away from Foshan West Railway Station in the West. There are multiple high-speed expressways and rail transit that enable easy connections with downtown Guangzhou and Foshan, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and more key areas in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


To be specific, the planned scope involves Liwan Hailong, Nanhai Yanbu and other areas, include but not limited to the following scope: Foshan First Ring Expressway, Nanguang-Guiguang Railway, Suiyan Road, Huadi River, Longxi Avenue, West Ring Expressway, Haizhong Road, Qingfeng Road, the total site area is about 23km², including about 11km² in the Liwan District, and 12km² in the Nanhai District.



The international consultation aims to introduce experienced urban design organizations from China and the world. The project, based on local features of Guangzhou and Foshan, seeks to deliver a high-level design project featuring a global perspective.


The design is divided into two parts. In terms of conceptual planning and overall urban design, it includes an area of 23km². In terms of scope of key areas, there must be no less than three key nodes in the key area (every key node needs to cover the important industrial development platform of the two areas and the suitable region for the joint establishment of the two areas, the range of urban design for every key node should be no less than 2km²) to conduct urban design.


Historically, the Guangfo Bay area has witnessed exchanges and communications between the people in the two cities. The area was seen as an essential part of Guangzhou-Foshan integrated development, with high expectations from the governments. In May 2019, the municipalities of Guangzhou and Foshan signed the "Memorandum on Co-construction of Guangzhou-Foshan High-quality Integrated Development Pilot Zone" to jointly build a "1+4" high-quality integrated development pilot zone. Guangfo Bay belongs to one of the “pilot zones”.



In 2020, the Liwan and Nanhai districts signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, planning to designate a 70 km² area at the city border, named as “Guangfo New Town”, in a way that build a cooperative pattern that enables discussion, construction, governance and sharing. 


The building of Guangfo Bay offers valuable lessons and experience that we have never seen before, as it is a groundbreaking effort to develop new integrative development models for urban areas. Nanhai District has paid extra attention to this project. According to the Report of Government Work (Naihai) made during the “two sessions”, Nanhai will work on more progress in its “Seven Lakes, Two Bays, One Station and One Garden” key construction plans, with one “bay” referring to Guangfo Bay. Fortunately, Dali Town is largely covered in the program and it is expected to develop from a “bordering” area to a “center”. 


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