Exclusive tutorial on making green dumpling
2021-04-08 09:32

In sunny March, the smell of mug-wort lingers the air. It's now the best time to make green dumpling.


Want to have a taste? Follow our tutorial!



Let's follow step by step:


  • Smash steamed salted egg yolks and mix them with pork floss to make the stuffing;


  • Add mayonnaise for seasoning;


  • Wash the mug-wort and blanch it in boiling water;


  • Smash it with a juicer;


  • Pour boiling water into the flour starch;


  • Keep stirring it until it looks transparent;


  • Add glutinous rice flour, sticky rice flour, mug-wort smash, caster sugar, butter, and knead everything into a smooth dough;


  • Make a long strip and cut them into pieces with a knife;


  • Knead each piece into a ball, press it, add the stuffing and make it into a ball;


  • Put your green dumplings into a steamer for 10-13 minutes;


Now we have oil-green, chewy and yummy green dumplings.


Author | Jersey
Revisor | Eleanor
Photo & Video | Re Xin, Foshan News Network