A young alumnus built a "school" with over 100 million "bricks" in Minecraft
2021-04-08 14:51
Recently, a young alumnus from Jiujiang Middle School posted on BiliBili his "modelling school", built by tens of millions of "bricks" in Minecraft (《我的世界》) , a Sandbox Game developed by a Swedish company that allows gamers to build various shapes of architectures with "bricks and stones". Once the modelling display was uploaded on the Internet, it evoked rich memories of countless alumni who have developed close ties with their old school over the years – the antique archways, Lishan Academy, dining halls, Zongshun Gymnasium, Zhu Jiujiang Monument, fish ponds, Kapok flower trees… Everything looks exactly the same as in real life.


The author behind all these is Cen Jiale, who graduated from Jiujiang Middle School in 2015. When he was in college, he has started to use Minecraft to create the modelling. Over two years of updates and adjusting, the modelling has been published now as its 4th version.



Zongshun Gymnasium


Zhu Jiujiang Monument



Fish pond


School Ding Halls



A memorial archway and Kapok flower trees



Lishan Academy


The reason why Cen Jiale did this is that he loves modelling, and most importantly, he has colleceted wonderful memories during the three-year high school life in Jiujiang Middle School.


As Cen Jiale recalls, back in the first two years in high-school, he sometimes couldn't help dozing off during his head teacher's classes. When he was caught, instead of punishing him, the teacher made a funny face to kindly remind him. This gentle way of educating enabled him to feel the respect and caring from his teachers. "Our teachers treated us well. Students here are smart and understandable. I've developed strong bonds thanks to this wholesome atmosphere in our school." he said.


Cen Jiala at his old school


After over 2 years of dedication, Cen Jiale has "built" multiple iconic buildings from Jiujiang Middle School in Minecraft- Zhu Jiujiang Memorial Hall, high school dormitory, teaching complex, Zongshun Gymnasium and more. From historical records, Cen even found out old buildings that have been torn down, and incorporated them in his modelling. As his modelling gets bigger, his computer seemed to have a lack of running memory. For that, he even bought a new computer.


Cen Jiale in his old school


Not long ago, Jiujiang Middle School has kicked off its integrated expansion project, which involves facilities such as a new teaching complex, an information center, teaching buildings, student dining halls, student dormitories, and a lecture hall. Besides, the school will also be built into an "intelligent campus" as powered by a big-data platform.


According to Cen Jiale, though he concluded his modelling on his BiliBil page as "Final Edition", he will continue to update his work based on the latest development of the school. He plans to pay more visits back there to obtain some on-site footages and add new buildings into his modelling.


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