Guangzhou and Foshan cooperate on attracting global talents
2021-04-23 16:22

On April 21st, Guangzhou and Foshan witnessed the signing of the Cooperation Agreement on Attracting Global Talents.


In accordance with the agreement, the two cities will work together to build a "Corridor for Manufacturing Talents", which entails stronger and more sustained cooperation on drawing up supporting policies and campaigns, commercializing scientific and research findings, cultivating a talent pool in education and health, sharing HR resources on online recruitment platform, and hosting high-level vocational trainings and exchanges. With that being said, Guangzhou and Foshan are expected to see greater progress in regional integration on all fronts.


The mission to build a "Corridor for Manufacturing Talents" taps into more potentials in cooperation between Guangzhou and Foshan. The two cities plan to intensify their efforts to build the Innovation Alliance of Guangzhou-Foshan Manufacturing Talents. An employment database, interchangeable among enterprises from the two cities, is also taking shape quickly, as large-scale manufacturing enterprises in a single sector are encouraged to conduct more exchanges and coordination. Supported by vocational schools, master workshops and strong enterprises, a regional manufacturing talent innovation base will soon be born where courses, training bases and internship opportunities can be leveraged at their best.


Guangzhou and Foshan also look to see that universities have closer connection with hospitals, enterprises and primary/secondary schools, for example, to develop masters or doctoral training bases featuring a model of "dual tutors/supervisors" for sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, and education. More support will be given to hospitals in the two cities, so as to promote scientific research platforms, cooperative medical programs, talents training programs and exchanges on hospital management.