Japan and Foshan robotic companies set up a joint venture
2021-04-23 17:42

On April 22nd, two leading robotic enterprises witnessed an epic moment – the signing of Longqi Robot Co., Ltd., a joint venture that is registered by Rossum Robotics in Foshan and Kawasaki Robotics in Japan. As planned, the new company will settle in Shunde Rhine Industrial Park, pushing Shunde to achieve a goal of developing a 100-billion robotic industrial cluster.  

From now on, the two parties will join hands to design more high-quality robots made in China, marked by Chinese independent intellectual property rights, and provide the most cost-effective industrial robots and manufacturing solutions for China’s intelligent manufacturing.


Foshan and Japan enterprises develop win-win cooperation  


Since its birth in 2013, Rossum Robotics has registered a good track record in robot system integration, plant automation, intelligent data collection, and MES software services. As for Kawasaki Robotics, it is best known as a pioneer in the Japanese robotics industry, which has a full array of robots with loads ranging from 3kg to 1.5 tons. Globally, there are approximately 250,000 Kawasaki robots servicing in sectors like automotive, aerospace, 3C electronics, food and beverage, and logistics.


Reportedly, the joint venture has a rich business portfolio – R&D, manufacturing and sales of SCARA, 4-axis stamping robots, etc; it will further develop and produce six-axis general robots, semiconductor robots, etc. Up next, part of its production area will be built into a demonstration area for intelligent manufacturing. The goal is to cater to the ever-changing needs of consumers from home and abroad and take up marketplace.


At the signing ceremony, new products from Longqi Robotics became the center of everyone’s attention. KLS400 and KLS600 are competitive among other similar products from home and abroad, featuring high-speed motion, higher precision, stronger mechanical rigidity, better operability and easier access to maintenance. The two robots will be on trial in June and go on sales in July.

New Product of Longqi Robotics


Localized operation models with complementary advantages 


Noticeably, the newly founded company seeks to adopt local design, local applications, and local services. It will develop products/verify applications locally, deliver timely information and give quick feedback locally. Supported by a global marketing system of Kawasaki Robotics, product distribution and after-sales can be guaranteed.


“The new company will make good use of the complementary advantages of Rossum Robotics and Kawasaki Robotics. It is a win-win cooperation.” said by Zhao Weifeng, the Chairman of Rossum Robotics. The registry of Longqi Robot Co., Ltd. marks a long-term strategic partnership between Rossum and Kawasaki to deliver more flexible, efficient and stable automation solutions to customers.