Foshan rated as China's Top 10 Picturesque Cities
2021-04-27 09:48

  On April 23rd, the release ceremony of Desirable Cities for Life (2020-2021) was held in Chengdu, which focused on five lists measured from different angles to showcase people's feedback on their cities all across China. Foshan was crowned as one of China's Top 10 Picturesque Cities.


  Built on data collected from China Economic Life Survey, the world's largest survey on people’s feelings, the survey has lasted for 15 years and evaluates senses of gain, happiness and security among respondents in 21 areas. According to statistics, people tend to have higher satisfactions on parks/greenery, day-to-day facilities, city image, public cultural services and air/water quality. 



  A scenic view in Foshan (Photo by Rong Zhuhua)


  Some consider Foshan to be a livable city, which comers feel attached to and settlers feel proud of; some consider it to be an industrial city with good ecological environment, which is home to a full display of natural beauty. This time, as a National Forest City, Foshan is well-deserved for the title of China's Picturesque City. 


  Foshan is scenic at every corner, as captured in pictures. Let's now take a look.


  Springlike Foshan: a place of vitality


  In Spring, sun shines brightly and flowers bloom everywhere in Foshan - a color of vibrancy and hope. It is blessed with endless vitality. 


  Over the past 40 years in Foshan, about 64 million people have volunteered to plant trees, gathering up 142 million trees of various types, afforestation area of 846 square kilometers and more than 700 themed forest parks.



  Rape flowers in full blossom in Zinan Village (Photo by Deng Jinhao)



  Gorgeous Kapok flowers (Photo by Li Ruiming)



  A sea of colorful flowers (Photo by Liu Shihui)

  Eco-friendly Foshan : a land of landscape


  With lucid waters and lush mountains being its foundation, Foshan seeks to strike a balance between human and nature, as well as urban and rural areas, to deliver a poetic life to residents. 



  Yunyong Forest Park. (Photo by Zhao Lixing)



  Xikeng Reservoir (Photo by Chen Weichao) 



  Glass bridge (Photo by Li Yun) 

  Livable Foshan: a home of warmth

  In the past, Foshan was home to light green coverage; but now, it has been home to dark green. Foshan is transitioning into an eco-friendly city that provides a pleasant living environment. 


  Children having fun under flame trees (Photo by He Huiran)



  Marching towards a new era of prosperity (Photo by Rong Zhuhua)



  Holding hands (Photo by Zhang Hai)



  A city oasis (Photo by Zhanghai)


  Foshan embraces natural beauty in all seasons - clear water, lush mountains, blue sky, flower blossoms... The green-covered Foshan is now sowing green spirit in people's souls. 



  Zhongshan Park (Photo by Cai Jiansheng)


  As the May Day approaches, you are welcomed to Foshan to have a visit.


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