5 world top teams rivaled for Guangfo Bay design
2021-04-29 17:21

On April 27th, Nanhai Foshan and Liwan Guangzhou have held the International Consultation Conference on Conceptual Planning and Urban Design for Guangfo Bay, which marked the kick-start of international consultation and design work for the highly anticipated Guangfo Bay. 5 candidates, with submissions designed in ingenuity and creativity, will compete against each other to deliver great construction standards for Guangfo New Town. Government of all levels and people from all sectors of society have gathered together for this important event.



Five global top teams gathered in Nanhai: "tailor-made" blueprints for Guangfo Bay


On the ceremony, 5 shortlisted design teams, from China, Britain, Singapore, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, took the stage and spokesman of each team elaborate on their competitive edges and previous achievements. All of them are noted designing institutions, with a global vision and rich experience in planning and design.

"Guangfo Bay, located at Demonstration Area for Regional Development in Guangfo Area, is actually the Promotion Area that Nanhai joins hands with Liwan in mutual consultation and constrution. It leads up to construction works of different kinds in the future." said by Huang Songhua, Deputy Governor of Nanhai District, hoping that these design teams can leverage their wisdom, reach a consensus, and draw from global perspectives and local features shown in these submissions to hand over satisfactory solution plans for the area. After the event, the host took the five shortlisted teams on an on-site visit to Guangfo Bay, making full preparation for further design.



"Generally, we are guided to pay more attention to residents and their diverse values in our community.  So far, our vision is to build the area into a multi-dimensional one and the framework for it is quite flexible. We hope gather power of innovation just like Silicon Valley and develop it into a new center." said by Li Peng Xiang Nan Haijun, Deputy Chief Engineer of Architectural Design and Research Institute of Guangdong Province. With Baietan on one side and Qiandenghu Lake on the other, Guangfo Bay carries on a mission to develop bordering areas into a center in the future, which is very different from urban planning.



Shortlisted design teams


Shortlisted design teams


According to Kawasaki Haruo, the Design Director and Chief Creator of Obermeyer China, the project is essential to regional integration between Foshan and Guangzhou. As the area involves development factors like the two banks of Huadi River, industrial parks, urban renewal and transit-oriented development (TOD), there is some complexity to deal with. Due to its strategic importance and future development prospect, his team is committed to sustainable development and focus more on ecology, residential well-being, and the possibility of future urban renewal.


Guangfo Bay: an area that heralds more regional integration in Guangzhou and Foshan


In September 2020, Guangzhou Liwan and Foshan Nanhai jointly held a seminar on " Planning on the Demonstration Zone of Guangzhou-Foshan Integrated Development—Guangfo New Town · Hi-tech Innovation Valley".


Overall Design for Guangfo Bay


In the seminar, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation, proposing to actively deepen cooperation on the basis of building Guangfo "1 + 4" pilot zone for high-quality integrated development. According to the memorandum, Guangfo New Town will be built in the border area of the two cities, covering an area of 70 square kilometers, so as to explore integrated development in ecology, industry, transportation and government service, and to build a coordinated development pattern of "extensive consultation, joint contribution and governance, and sharing benefits".


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