Midea and KUKA worked to build an intelligent manufacturing technological park
2021-04-29 17:37

On April 27th, the launching ceremony for Midea + KUKA ROBOT Intelligent Manufacturing Technological Park and the Investment Promotion Conference for Shunde Robotic Industry were held in Beijiao, Shunde. As estimated, 14,000 robots with a value of about 2 billion yuan will be manufactured this year, pointing to the fact that Shunde is now on a fast track to build a 100-billion robotic industrial cluster.



In March 2018, a joint venture was built by Midea and KUKA ROBOT, supported by an intelligent manufacturing technological park in Shunde with the first phase of the project put into use in 2019. "For the second phase, we plan to invest 800 million yuan and spend half a year on the construction work of 6 plants, which is tailored for our expansion for the next 3 to 5 years." said by Gu Yanmin, Vice President of Midea Group and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors at KUKA Group. As for 2021, the park is expected to help double the company's output value. Up next, Midea and KUKA ROBOT will work to ensure sufficient supply for local customers in a way that pushes forward the "going digital" effort for Foshan's manufacturing and Southern China as a whole.


As a major manufacturing powerhouse, Shunde will be home to 1,500 companies engaged in robotic application projects, signifying a good business prospect for robotic manufacturers. Plus, as Shunde is furthering its village renovation and more space will be spared for pillar industries like robotics. On the government end, the local government will offer substantive financial support for enterprises in making key technological breakthroughs.



Reportedly, in the face of a diversified market demand in Shunde, robotic manufacturers are stepping up their games more easily, as evidenced by sustained government support, massive market potentials and strong industrial cooperation. It is convincing to all that the concerted efforts among government, enterprises, industrials, academies and research institutes will enable Shunde's robotics industry to reach a new height, and in a long run, contribute its share to local quality development and Foshan's goal to top 2 trillion yuan in GDP.

The ceremony also witnessed the inauguration of Southern China Intelligent Robot Innovation Alliance, followed by mutable project signings such as industry-university-research cooperation, targeted training for talents and practical training.


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Photo | Zhou Zhuojie, Zhujiang Business