Fudan and Jihua Laboratory signed to build an AI Lab
2021-04-30 09:26

On April 28th, the Fudan-Jihua AI Lab was set up under the cooperation of Fudan University and Jihua Laboratory, aiming to build a key algorithm application research platform to solve the problems including the ability to innovate original innovation, core technology and transfer of AI achievements. The launch of AI Lab represents a breakthrough for Jihua Laboratory in fostering first-mover advantages and innovation engines for the demonstrational application of global artificial intelligence algorithm industry.


As construction work will be soon rolled out for the project, Jihua Laboratory is expected to make breakthrough in Guangdong Province as shown in the following two aspects: 1) develop first-mover advantages of gathering up application experience for global artificial intelligence algorithm; 2) build an engine for industrial innovation.



Signing ceremony of the Fudan-Jihua AI Lab. (Photo by Wang Weinan, Foshan Daily)


Three years after it was built, Jihua Laboratory has scored remarkable progress in its construction ranking highamong otherlaboratories in Guangdong Province, according to Cao Jianlin, President and Director of Jihua Laboratory. The first satellite developed by Jihua Laboratory, "Foshan No. 1", was launched recently, and an information equipment industrial park will be built in the foreseeable future, etc  With all these achievements, Jihua Laboratory is contributing its own share to Foshan’s development. In this process, it needs strong support from universities and colleges, including Fudan University to fully integrate applied mathematics and information science with high-end industries, and finally deliver fruitful  outcomes in Foshan and even in Guangdong.


According to government officials in Foshan, the strong cooperation between the two sides will promote cutting-edge research, technological innovation, and application of AI, thereby driving the transformation and upgrading of related industries. The two parties are expected to see closer cooperation and blaze new trails, so as to build an application research platform of core algorithm, and to accelerate to developfirst-mover advantages and innovation engines for the demonstrational application of AI industry in Guangdong Province.


Directors of the lab and research institute were issued letters of appointment. (Photo by Wang Weinan, Foshan Daily)


As told by Qiao Yu, Deputy Mayor of Foshan, this project is hoped to develop a chain that links enterprises, universities, and research institutes together. Once an AI industrial cluster takes shape, Foshan will be enabled to upgrade its industrial layout and industrial mix, so as to see the lab is not only rooted in Foshan, but also serves the local industries and the city as a whole. On the government end, quality services and financial supports will also be secured all the way through.


The Jiushao AI Research Institute was also inaugurated on the spot. "Jiushao" comes from Qin Jiushao, a mathematician in the Southern Song Dynasty.