Satellite “Foshan-1” was launched this week!
2021-04-30 09:46


At 11:20 on April 27th (Beijing Time) of April 27th,“Foshan-1”, an "Ultra-high Ratio Functional Flexible Satellite", first of its kind invented by Jihua Laboratory, was launched at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, after it was sent onto the intended orbit by Long March-6 rocket.


It marks an epic moment in Foshan's technological exploration. Over the past few years, Jihua Laboratory focuses on leading and breeding strategic emerging industries as it deployed 8 major research fields including semi-conductor technology and devices, and advanced remote sensing devices. Jihua Laboratory aims to develop its own remote sensing devices such as light-weight high-definition satellite that meets the international standards. In the future, it will work to commercialize ultra-lightweight remote sensing devices, build an industrial chain in Foshan and explore an international market.


By intensive research and development work for more than two years, the advanced remote sensing device research project achieve success - "Ultra-high Ratio Functional Flexible Satellite", which represents a breakthrough in China's miniature high-resolution imaging technology at space.


With a weight of less than 100kg, a ground resolution of 0.5m, and a service life of 3 years, the satellite is expected to play a key role in important national strategies and regional digitalization - land and resources survey, environmental protection, disaster prevention and mitigation, resource development and utilization, function zoning, etc.

Reportedly, Jihua Laboratory is one of the first few laboratories in Foshan that was designated by Guangdong Province. It is strategically viewed as the top technological platform that rivals others from home and abroad. At present, it has gathered up over 1,000 scientific research personnel and over 50 national and provincial R&D projects, and 9 hi-tech enterprises were incubated here.


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