Foshan unveiled its first funding plan for flexible talents introduction
2021-05-10 17:59
30 years ago, many "Saturday engineers" have contributed their talents and wisdom to Foshan when the city was just taking off with its industries. Now, at a critical juncture for upgrading its industries, Foshan is intensifying efforts to introduce talents and professionals, especially aiming at those in practical application areas. On May 9th, according to Organization Department of Foshan Municipal CPC Party Committee, Foshan initiated a policy of flexible talent introduction, namely Foshan Interim Measure Plan for Flexible Talent Introduction (hereinafter referred as "the Plan"), which features a maximum of 500 thousand yuan to employers that hire personnel with "Hi-tech backgrounds" and "cutting-edge skills", or "scarce" in the talent market.

*Saturday engineers refers to those Hi-tech talents that worked weekdays in state-owned companies and took part-time jobs at private enterprises in neighboring cities on weekends in 1980s, especially in the Pearl River Delta, when many start-ups in China were struggling with human resources and key technologies. 

Based on the Plan, flexible introduction of talents refers to the case where employers in Foshan introduces talents who work in the Foshan in the forms of consultant guidance, short-term part-time jobs, and project cooperation without human relation, labor relation or social insurance in Foshan.

The Plan is mainly tailored for four kinds of enterprises - private enterprises, private non-enterprise units, public institutions, and units organized under Foshan's state-owned assets. Plus, the Plan focuses on attracting top talents, doctors, professionals with senior titles and senior technicians - who are most-needed in "Made in Foshan" Initiative.

According to the Plan, the amount of funding for talents is mainly determined by their actual contributions, as divided in different tiers based on their personal labor remuneration in Foshan for the whole tax year. For each talent, a maximum of 500 thousand yuan can be received; for each unit with the same legal representative, a maximum of 1 million can be received.

Thanks to the Plan, Foshan is now more well-adjusted to attract talents in a more systematic, scientific and precise manner, as personnel are mobile more than ever and cities are competing fiercely more than ever.



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Photo | Foshan Daily, Zhang Hongtao