Hotels in Foshan

foshan china 2016-04-24

Chancheng District:

Hilton Foshan
Address: No.127 Lingnan Avenue North, Chancheng District
Telephone: 0757-83069999

Ramada Foshan
Address: No.80 Tongji Road East, Chancheng District, Near middle of Nanhai Avenue Middle
Telephone: 0757-63310888

Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi, Foshan
Address: No.97 Renmin Road, Chancheng District, Near Foshan Ancestral Temple
Telephone: 400-666-5511

Swissotel Foshan Guangdong
Address: No.1 Chengmentou Road West, Chancheng District
Telephone: 0757-82362888

Crowne Plaza Foshan
Address: No.118 Fenjiang Road Middle, Chancheng District (near LingNan TianDi, Foshan Ancestral Temple)
Telephone: 0757-82368888

Nanhai District:
InterContinental Foshan
Address: No.20 Denghu Road East, Nanhai District, near Qiandenghu Lake
Telephone: 400-960-3800

Foshan Clifford (Golden Lake) Hotel
Address: Golden Lake Resort Area, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Golden Lake Resort Area/Guidan Road
Telephone: 0757-85449988

Ramada Foshan (Nanhai branch)
Address: Hexin Plaza, No.61 Bo’ai Road middle, Shishan Town, Naihai District, Foshan City
Telephone: 0757-86636888

Foshan Fontainebleau Hotel
Address: Fengdan Road, Nanguotaoyuan Resort Area, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong
Telephone: 400-799-7955

Foshan Pasonda Hotel
Address: No.4 Hailiu Road, Guicheng, Nanhai
Telephone: 0757-86311111

Foshan National Arts Resort Hotel
Address: Huanshan Road, Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, near the South Gate of Xiqiao Mountain Park
Telephone: 0757-81258999

Foshan Xiqiao Mountain Hotel
Address: Baiyun Cave Scenic Area, Xiqiao Mountain, Nanhai District, East Gate of 5A Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Area
Telephone: 0757-86800888

Vienna Hotel, Foshan Naihai Film and Television City Branch
Address: Located in Nanguotaoyuan, Gongye Avenue East, Songxia Industrial Park, Songgang, Nanhai District
Telephone: 0757-85236888

Shunde District:
Wyndham Foshan Shunde
Address: No.1 Fochen Road, Chencun Town, Shunde District
Telephone: 0757-26366070/0757-29833333

Sheraton Shunde Hotel - Foshan
Address: No.11 Desheng Road Midlle, New Downdown Area, Daliang, Shunde District
Telephone: 0757-28888888

Foshan Rosedale Hotel
Address: No.A16 Lecong Avenue East, East Area of Lecong Town, Shunde District (opposite to Sunlink Furniture, Louvre Furniture)
Telephone: 0757-23332222

Shunde Jiaxin Conifer Garden Hotel, Foshan
Address: Jiaxin City Plaza Stage 1, Xingshun Road, New Downdown Area, Daliang, Shunde District, at the border of Xianghe Road and Xingshun Road.
Telephone: 0757-28988888

Sanshui District:
Foshan Sanshui Garden Hotel
Address: No.39 Guanghai Avenue Middle, Sanshui District, near Jianlibao Road North
Telephone: 0757-87799999

Foshan Sanshui Hengfu Starworld Hotel
Address: No.13 Xinhua Road, Sanshui District, at the border of Wenfeng Road East and Xinhua Road
Telephone: 0757-87728888

Foshan Goldensun Hotel
Address: No.6 Guanghai Avenue East, Sanshui District, Foshan, at the border of Guanghai Avenue and Guangsan Highway
Telephone: 0757-87748088

Foshan Sanshui Hot Spring Resort
Address: Changqi Village, Lubao Town, Sanshui District, near Baige Bridge
Telephone: 0757-87268888/87266703

Gaoming District:
Foshan Gaoming Country Garden Phoenix Hotel
Address: Country Garden, Sanzhou, Bigui Avenue, Gaoming District
Telephone: 0757-88611111

Gaoming Fuwanhu Hotel
Address: Hengjiang Reservoir, Fuwan, Gaoming District, near Hefu Avenue
Telephone: 0757-88911388、0757-88911788

Foshan Media Egret Lake Forest Resort Hotel
Address: No.218 Gaoming Avenue Middle, Yanghe Town, Gaoming District, near Ring 5 Road
Telephone: 400-823-4138

Foshan Hubin Hotel
Address: Gaoming Yinhai Golf Club, beside Dasha Reservoir, Yanghe Town, Gaoming District, near Golf Avenue.
Telephone: 400-688-6687