Investment of Sanlongwan projects under construction reached 147 billion yuan
2021-01-25 15:42

As an important part of the pilot area of Guangzhou-Foshan High-quality Development Integration Experimental Zone, Foshan Sanlongwan High-end Innovation Cluster (hereinafter referred to as Sanlongwan) has reserved 174 key construction projects (excluding railway transportation), with an investment of more than 190 billion yuan, of which 55 projects are under construction, with a total investment of about 147 billion yuan.


State-owned enterprises of the two cities jointly build Guangfo Hui


According to the proposal and suggestions of the 14th Five-Year Plan recently released by Guangzhou and Foshan, the Guangzhou-Foshan Super City will be built in the future. As a pilot area of the Integration Experimental Zone, Sanlongwan is continuously strengthening its cooperation with Guangzhou in the fields of transportation, industry, scientific innovation, etc.


On January 1, 2021, Sanlongwan Toll Gate was officially open for traffic, which has become the new gateway of Guangzhou and Foshan, greatly shortening the commuting time for people in the two cities.


The General Plan for the Construction of Guangzhou-Foshan High-quality Development Integration Experimental Area released in August last year has clearly proposed to take "Guangzhou South Railway Station-Foshan Sanlongwan-Hailong Sub-district in Liwan, Guangzhou" as the leading area to jointly build a new pole core of the integration of Guangzhou and Foshan.


Guangfo Hui, the first cooperation project of Guangzhou and Foshan with a total investment of 5 billion yuan, has achieved phased progress. A joint venture company jointly invested by state-owned enterprises of the two cities has been established, along with five plans selected in the International Urban Design Competition. In the future, Guangfo Hui will become a display window and exchange platform for industry, academic, culture and other fields, and include transportation, business, shopping, recreation and other functions.


25 industrial projects have been introduced


Jihua Laboratory, one of the first batch of four key laboratories in Guangdong Province, is located in Sanlongwan. In addition, a number of high-tech enterprises on the Internet, intelligent manufacturing and other fields are headquartered in Sanlongwan as well, seizing development opportunities in the Greater Bay Area. 


Recently, Huya, the largest live streaming platform of e-sports in China, settled in Sanlongwan and plans to invest 2 billion yuan to build its global R&D headquarter. The settlement of Huya is expected to lead 10 enterprises upstream and downstream, and attract at least 5,000 Internet employees to gather here, which will gradually build up the Internet industry ecology.


At the same time, the construction of Shenzhen Han’s Robot Global Headquarters Project located in Sanlongwan was officially started with a total investment of 2 billion yuan, which is expected to attract over 20 upstream and downstream enterprises from Shenzhen to gather and develop in Sanlongwan.


By December in 2020, 25 industrial projects have been introduced to Sanlongwan, with a total investment of about 140 billion yuan.