15 exhibitions to get excited about in January, 2023
Foshan China 2023-01-17 09:09

Wondering about where to go during the Spring Festival vacation? Fear not, for these exciting exhibitions have arrived in Foshan.

Fulfill aspirations at the Year of Rabbitt——Shiwan Zodiac Ceramics Tour Exhibition

Time: Dec 20, 2022-Feb 15, 2023

Address: Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum, Chancheng District, Foshan

With the best wishes for the new year, artists created a quiet, energetic and cute rabbit with their unique creative and dexterous hands, expressing the vivid characteristics of Shiwan zodiac pottery.

All is well by FanAnqi

Stunning Kiln Treasure——The 2nd Nanbei Jun Porcelain Art Exchange Exhibition

Time: Dec 26, 2022-Feb 28, 2023

Address: Nanfeng Ancient Kiln, Chancheng District, Foshan

Originated in the Song Dynasty and flourishing in the Tang Dynasty, Jun porcelain is one of the five famous porcelains of the Song Dynasty in China. Jun porcelain was first produced in Shengao Town, Yuzhou, Henan Province, and became an imperial palace in the Northern Song Dynasty.

Such five categories of works as flower vessels, ornaments, tea sets, characters and animals will be presented on the exhibition. With trendy design, novel shape, gorgeous glaze, fine workmanship, citizens can fully enjoy these stunning kiln treasures!

Reminiscing old customs from the pastry molds——Lingnan Pastry Molds Special Exhibition

Time: Dec 5, 2022-Feb 12,2023

Address: Zumiao Temple Museum, Chancheng District, Foshan

Auspicious pattern carved on the pastry mold conveys people's good wishes. Pastry mold skills have been listed as representative items of intangible cultural heritage at all levels.

Paper-cutting Exhibition of Liang Zhiyan and his apprentice

Time: Jan 6, 2023-Feb 6, 2023

Address: Chancheng District Cultural Center

Foshan paper-cutting is a representative project of intangible cultural heritage. With a long history, unique techniques and styles, paper-cutting has been passed down from generation to generation.

Zhang Cangjian's Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition

Time: Dec 18, 2022- Feb 5, 2023

Address: Four Season Art Collection, Chancheng District, Foshan

When Painting Meets Ceramics

Time: Dec 10, 2022 - Jan 28, 2023

Address: Dongfang Yinxiang Art Center, Chancheng District, Foshan

The 10th National Farmer Photography Exhibition

Time: Jan 1, 2023-Feb 28, 2023

Address: Tingzhi Art Museum, Shunde District, Foshan

Meat Eaters Aren't Superficial——Li Jin's Trip to Shunde

Time: Dec 31, 2022-Mar 31, 2023

Address: HEM Museum, Shunde District, Foshan

This exhibition features more than 50 recent works by Li Jin, as well as dozens of works by modern and contemporary artists such as Wu Changshuo, Gao Jianfu, and Qi Baishi.

White Book——Metaverse Zone at Consensus

Time: Since Dec 10, 2022

Address: Boxes Art Museum, Shunde District, Foshan

White Book originated from a formal document published by a government department or company on a special policy, proposal and product. In the form of art, the exhibition shows keywords such as metaverse, blockchain, NFT, virtual human, virtual and real life, and Web 3.0.

Colorful Lacquer Art——Nanfeng Art Tribe Lacquer Art Boutique Exhibition

Time: Dec 30, 2022- May 28, 2023

Address: Shunde Museum, Shunde District, Foshan

The Healing Rabbit-New Year's Joint Art Exhibition

Time: Dec 24, 2022- Feb 24, 2023

Address: The Happening Place, Shunde District, Foshan

Try to open your imagination and curiosity, this is a warm and healing adventure of a rabbit hole.

Everything is Lovely——Sun Hongmin Exhibition of Oil Paintings

Time: Dec 28, 2022- Feb 26, 2023

Address: Serrangel Art Space, Shunde District, Foshan

Li Jianing Exhibition of Oil Paintings

Time: Dec 18, 2022- Feb 20, 2023

Address: IMPERFECT Art Space, Shunde District, Foshan

Time Museum

Time: December, 2022 - June, 2023

Address: City Exhibition Hall, Shunde District, Foshan

The old tapes hanging on the wall, the nostalgic songs played in MP3, the old-fashioned cameras displayed in the photo studio, the old-fashioned furniture displayed in the home, nearly a thousand pencil sharpeners in the hanging box, old bills, groups of old photos, all tell the story of the development of the city and the years, carrying the common memories of generations of people. Here, you can always find those old memories.

To Make Progress on the New Area——Celebrating the Victory of the 20th CPC Congress

Fine Arts Tour Exhibition (Sanshui Station)

Time: Jan 6, 2023- Feb 20, 2023

Address: Sanshui District Cultural Center

This exhibition includes a total of 100 pieces (groups) of fine art, including Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, watercolor, lacquer painting, comprehensive materials and other art categories, the works are novel in concept, rich in content, and have strong artistic appeal and expression.

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