Foshan's delegation to Japan and Korea returned with 1.2-billion-yuan orders
Foshan China 2023-03-07 18:45

From February 26 to March 5, Foshan's Economic and Trade Delegation organized by the Foshan Bureau of Commerce, including government departments, business representatives, business associations, etc., carried out an 8-day economic and trade exchange in Japan and South Korea.

During the five days in Japan, the delegation participated in two international exhibitions and visited more than 10 institutions and enterprises. At the 2023 China (Foshan)-Japan (Tokyo) Economic and Trade Promotion and Exchange Conference on February 28, the delegation got more than 600 million yuan of intentional orders in Japan, further consolidating and improving the level of economic and trade cooperation between Foshan and Japan. Afterwards, the delegation came to South Korea. During the stay in Korea, the delegation also successfully held the 2023 China (Foshan)-Korea Economic and Trade Exchange Conference on March 4, docked with many Korean companies, and got 600 million yuan of orders.

With fruitful achievements, the delegation returned to Foshan on March 5. Through participating in exhibitions, visiting large-scale pan-furniture procurement organizations, docking with large cross-border e-commerce platforms in Japan and South Korea, and holding economic and trade exchange conferences with enterprises from Japan and South Korea, the delegation has gotten over 1.2 billion yuan of orders. Additionally, the delegation also successfully docked with 3 intended investment projects, enhancing the interaction and exchange, and expanding economic and trade cooperation among enterprises in Foshan, Japan and Korea.

As a major manufacturing city, Foshan has advantages in the pan-furniture industry, which provides great opportunities to cooperate with Japanese and Korean enterprises. To improve Foshan enterprises' competence in overseas markets, Foshan Bureau of Commerce actively organizes enterprises to go overseas to get orders and expand markets. The delegation this time is a specific action taken by the government to expand the market after going to Shanghai, Quanzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Hong Kong earlier this year.

Wu Huiying, director of the Foshan Bureau of Commerce, also said that the government will continuously build the platform of overseas exchanges and cooperation for enterprises. For example, in March and April this year, the Foshan Bureau of Commerce will further organize enterprises delegations to visit Southeast Asia and Europe, aiming to get more international orders and expand global markets.

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