Xiangyun Silk made its debut at Canton Fair
Foshan China 2023-05-05 17:36

Xiqiao Xiangyun Silk , known as "soft gold" of the textile industry, was shown on the stage of the 133rd Canton Fair Clothing Exhibition on May 2, presenting new Chinese style elegance.

Amid the sound of Guqin, the fashion exhibition themed "Traveling with Xiangyun Silk" unveiled at the Fair. 30 models dressed in clothes designed with Xiangyun Silk walked elegantly in the exhibition hall, conquering the audience with unique beauty.

In this fashion show, the designers from the Sino-French Design Center combined Xiangyun Silk with western three-dimensional cutting, which not only contributed the culture and craftsmanship of our intangible cultural heritage, but also expressed cutting-edge international design ideas.

On February 14, Xiqiao Town held a signing and completion ceremony for key industrial projects, including the Sino-French Design Center. By introducing IP resources of French fashionable arts and design, this center tries to promote upgrade of Xiqiao's textile industry in various fields like Xiangyun Silk, denim and knitting, striving to enhance its added value and competitiveness.

Chen Wei, partner of Sino-French Fashion Design Center, said that Xiangyun Silk dyeing skills are China's intangible cultural heritage, and hoped that the name of Xiangyun Silk and Xiqiao's textile industry would further spread in the world stage through this year's Canton Fair.

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