Citywalk in Foshan ④ | Have Fun in Foshan: Highlights of National Day Golden Week
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The National Day holiday bonanza begins with Mid-Autumn Festival on September 29 and runs through October 6. Why not embark on a marvelous journey in Foshan during the golden week, where you can experience a tapestry of sports, culture, folk customs, and gastronomy, and fully immerse yourself into the appealing charm of Foshan's cultural tourism? With an 8-day holiday, there are a vast variety of events to stage in the five districts of Foshan, altogether offering a splendid festive feast to citizens and tourist alike.

Chancheng District

"Fun in Nanzhuang" - 2023 Foshan (Nanzhuang) Car and Dragon Boat Festival

This event encompasses a series of activities including car exhibitions, dragon boat races, and dragon dance performances, etc. By highlighting the vibrant festive vibe, the event aims to create an unparalleled autumn celebration in the Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area, allowing citizens and tourists to experience the unique charm of Lingnan water town and feel the distintive city life of Nanzhuang Town.

Date: Sept. 29 - Oct. 6

Address: Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District, Foshan

Dongfang Square Lantern Festival

Various dazzling lanterns line up at the square, turning a quiet night into a lively scene. With delicate fish lanterns, spectacular lion dance performances and a fabulous Chinese Hanfu party, etc., you are invited to immerse yourself into the festive feast and the charm of traditional Lingnan culture.

Date: Sept. 28 - Oct. 3

Address: Dongfang Square, Chancheng District, Foshan

Nanhai District

16th "Wong Fei-hung" Cup Lion King Championship and Water Lion Challenge

The event will be held from October 1 to 2. Twenty top lion dance teams from China and abroad will gather at the Tianhu Park in Xiqiao Mountain for a fierce competition to vie for the new Lion King title. This year's event will feature competitions including the High Pile Southern Lion with 6 teams, Water Lion with 6 teams, and Traditional Southern Lion with 8 teams. The event will also include innovative lion dance performances that showcase elements of Lingnan culture, making the competition more visually appealing and entertaining.

Date: Oct. 1 - 2

Address: Tianhu Park, Xiqiao Mountain, Nanhai District, Foshan

Fanta Art Festival

With a history of decades, "burning Fanta" has been one of the grandest and most important rituals prevailing in Foshan, especially Danzao Town in Nanhai District, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Collaborating with famous artist Chen Zhou, Fanta Art Festival centers on the revitalization of rural culture and the inheritance of "burning Fanta", bringing new life and vibrancy to this intangible cultural heritage.

Through art exhibitions, the festival aims to promote the integration of local culture and modern aesthetics. Additionally, there are a wide array of activities such as lantern riddles, live concerts and night markets for the public to enjoy the lively festive atmosphere for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Come and enjoy local specialty food, tea drinks, and trendy cultural and creative products!

Date: Sept. 28 - Oct.6

Address: Xiangang Village, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan

Shunde District

"Glamorous Lingnan" National Day Folk Culture Parade

This grand parade, which was once featured on CCTV, encompasses a wide range of national, provincial, and municipal intangible cultural heritage and traditional folk projects, including Luo Umbrella, Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, Dragon Boat on Land, Cantonese Opera, and Hanfu shows.

The organizers specially invite the Tianjiang County Folk Performance Team to participate, allowing everyone to not only join the parade but also experience the charm of Shunde, the elegance of Lingnan culture, and the unique folk customs of Taijiang.

Date: 9:30 - 11:30, Oct. 1

Address: Shunfeng Mountain Park, Shunde District, Foshan

"Trendy Guangdong" OCT Harbor Plus Cantonese Opera Carnival

During the holiday, when visiting the Qushuiwan Street in OCT Harbor Plus, you will marvel at various fantastic performances. Lion and Dragon dances, Wing Chun, Cantonese Opera, folk music shows, theatrical parades…will definitely dazzle you.

Date: Sept. 29 - Oct. 6

Address: OCT Harbor Plus, Shunde District, Foshan

Chuanlord Tourism Leisure Expo Park Immersive Night Tour

If you want to delve into the festive vibe of traditional Chinese culture blended with trendy elements, you can't miss out the immersive night tour at Chuanlord Tourism Leisure Expo Park, where nine prominent folk cultural events, such as a Hanfu garden party, a Chinese-style creative market, lantern riddles, stunning performances, will surprise you.

Notably, a large-scale interactive performance "Fantasy of Chuanlord - Myth of Ancient China" officially debuted on September 29. By creating a storyline based on myths such as Journey to the West, Classic of Mountains and Rivers, and Canonization of the Gods, the marvelous performance will enable tourists to fully enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Date: Sept. 29 - Oct. 6

Address: Chuanlord Tourism Leisure Expo Park, Shunde District, Foshan

Sanshui District

Foshan "La Liga" Football League

Since the opening of the 17th "Jianlibao Cup" Foshan Football League, one of the grandest football galas in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, it has gone viral on social media, deepening the communication between Foshan and other regions within GBA. On September 30, Hong Kong Celebrity Football Team participate in a friendly match, showing support for Foshan "La Liga". Renowned celebrities such as Alan Tam, Natalis Chan and Felix Wong show up at the Yunxiu Mountain Sports Stadium in Sanshui District, truly evoking great anticipation. Apart from the football game, spectacular performances are delivered by the celebrities, allowing citizens and football fans to flash back to the golden age of Hong Kong pop music while watching classic characters from Hong Kong movies and TV dramas come to life on the field. Next, on October 4 and 5, the finals of Foshan "La Liga" will kick off, determining the champions and runners-up.

Dates: Sept. 30 & Oct. 4-5

Venue: Yunxiu Mountain Sports Stadium, Sanshui District, Foshan

2023 Foshan Sanshui Food and Beer Festival

This event joins forces with the 17th Foshan "La Liga" Football League, the Hong Kong SAR celebrity football team friendly match, and several popular business areas in Sanshui. With the innovative concept of "Beer+", a range of thrilling activities and enticing discounts are introduced, creating a seamless consumer experience that combines sports, culture, and tourism. Come and indulge in beer, catch the excitement of "La Liga", relish delectable cuisine, and explore the wonders of Sanshui!

Date: Sept. 28 - Oct. 5

Address: Beer Square, Sanshui District, Foshan

Gaoming District

Gaoming Firework Carnival

This carnival not only features themed artistic performances but also fascinating firework shows, light shows, Hanfu parades, creative markets, and more, with a variety of innovative formats, providing citizens and tourists with an awe-inspiring visual experience. In the creative market, there are booths loved by young people, palatable food and drinks, floral masterpieces by skilled artisans, and exquisite handicrafts made by intangible cultural heritage inheritors. The market, characterized by creativity, diversity, novelty, and immersive experience, will leave you longing for more at each booth.

Date: Sept. 29 - Oct. 10

Address: Phase II Area of Minghu Park, Gaoming District, Foshan

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