Foshan "La Liga" Crowned with Huge Success
Foshan China 2023-10-07 11:13

On October 5, the final of 17th Foshan "La Liga" Football League, held at Yunxiu Mountain Sports Stadium in Sanshui District, was a heated showdown between two football powerhouses, Team Juejun Building Materials and Team Fenglu Aluminum. In the end, Team Juejun Building Materials won the championship by defeating Team Fenglu Aluminum with a total score of 5-3. In the evening, the stadium was packed with over 20,000 spectators, witnessing the birth of the champion in a truly spectacular scene.

At the 19th minute of the game, when the No. 9 player of Team Juejun Building Materials ran the ball into the opponent's penalty area, Team Fenglu Aluminum was committed a foul due to the excessive defensive action. Immediately after, Team Juejun Building Materials was awarded a penalty shoot, and the No. 9 player confidently scored, giving Juejun Building Materials a 1-0 lead at the beginning of the game. In the second half, both teams engaged in a back-and-forth battle, with passion unabated. At the 76th minute, the whole stadium erupted once again as Team Fenglu Aluminum launched a fierce attack in the opponent's half. Eventually, the ball reached the front of the opponent's goal, and the No. 9 player scored with a perfect header, equalizing the score to 1-1 and bringing the match into a penalty shootout. Finally, Team Juejun Building Materials triumphed over Team Fenglu Aluminum with a score of 4-2 in the penalty shoot-out, winning the championship of Foshan "La Liga" by a significant margin.

Before the final, 200 performers held up light boards to make up a countdown sequence along with the words "La Liga" with different beams of light, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Also, during the closing performance, the program "Foshan Rhythm" took the stage first, presenting the city's unique features of "Kung-Fu Football" and "Made in Foshan" in an artistic form, showcasing the speed of Foshan's development through the interplay of light and shadow.

Since the opening on August 5, the two-month tournament has attracted 26 teams from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, over one million spectators and over 90 million live stream views online, with a total media coverage exceeding one billion, setting three new records for the Foshan "La Liga" in terms of the highest number of participating teams, the highest attendance rate, and the widest spread of publicity.

Notably, major online media outlets from different provinces of China, such as Shun Net and, have highly praised the Foshan "La Liga" as a new business card for the GBA and a "folk sample" for the development of Chinese football, highlighting the brand effect of the Foshan "La Liga".

With the help of this tournament, Foshan has effectively integrated its distinctive cultural and economic elements, such as Kung-Fu, gastronomy, and the brand of "Made in Foshan," with sports, creating a unique Lingnan cultural and tourism feast, and promoting the transformation of sports influence into economic benefits.

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