Classic tastes of Spring Festival in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-01-24 15:14

 How’s life during Spring Festival in Foshan? Bustling sounds at stores, permeating ink scent on Huichun Street... As the exciting new year approaching, we willshare the classic new year delicacies in Foshan to give you an original tasteof Foshan's new year.

  Speaking of the Chinese New Year, it will be incomplete without some festive food. Let's take a look at the most popular choices for Foshan people.


  Jianduiis actually a kind of fried glutinousflour dumpling. For years, marked by its crispy texture, the snack remains oneof Foshan people’s favorites. It also embodies people’s desire for family reunionand prosperity.

  Eating"Lawei"(cured meat), with a signature flavor of cooking wine and sugar, is a traditionin Foshan, even in Guangdong Province. People have cured meat before the Chinese New Year, which can range from cured sausages, cured pork to cured pigscalp.

  Xiaokouzaois a kind of Foshan’s local deep-fried dough snack. It looks like a person with a big smile. People who eat it wish to have laughter in their lives.

  Steamed turnip cakeis a festive snack for holiday, which is crispy outside and chewy inside. It tastes soft and sweet and smells very inviting.

  Foshan people make this adorablebow-shaped snack, wishing good luck for next year. Thesnack looks like a purse, in different sizes, which symbolizes family union andsafe life for the old and young.

  Crisp Egg Piecesare usually made frommain ingredients of flour, gluten powder, eggs and lard. Put it into boiling oil and pick them up when it looks light yellow. It is best matched with some maltose sauce.


  Poon Choi

  Poon Choi often consists of oysters, lotus roots, pig trotters and roasted goose. Foshan people think that all their best luck is hidden in Poon Choi. For peoplein Foshan, a hot meal and all family members coming together constitute an important ceremony for new year. In their faith, they never stop asking for a family reunion every year.

Chicken Dish

  An old saying goes that a feast is not complete without chicken. On a big meallocally, people give great names to chicken dishes like Song of the Phoenix, Dragon and Phoenix, etc., wishing for happiness, success and more.


  Fish dish is also essential. In Chinese, “鱼” (fish) has the same pronunciation as “余” (abundance). What a great symbol of luck.

  Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig


  This dish is a must for New Years Eve Dinner, for the red roasted skin is associated with good luck and health in people’s lives.

  Pig Tongue Dish

  During the new year holiday, Foshan people like to make pig tongue soup, which is similar to fortune in Cantonese, hoping for amazing luck in life.

  Foshan is crowned as the City of Gastronomy. There are definitely more new year delicacies than all listed above. Come and explore yourself!

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