Yang Liping with dance drama 'The Peacock' show up in Foshan this July
Foshan China 2023-03-16 15:11

The 2022 version of famous dance drama Peacock will be performed at the Foshan Grand Theatre from July 21 to 23. The dance drama is choreographed and directed by Yang Liping, the reputed first-class dance artist. As as a special surprise, Yang Liping will personally participate in the Winter chapter of the dance drama.


Divided into four chapters: spring, summer, autumn and winter, The Peacock tells a story about growth, human nature, life and love. Life and nature are integrating with each other, presenting a benign exploration of the world and the pursuit of life and human nature. Through the form of stage art, it is to represent the humanistic concept of the integration between life and art.

With no doubt, Peacock is a classic stage character created by Yang Liping, and the series of her works represented by The Spirit of Peacock has even made audiences believe that "Yang is the peacock, and the peacock is Yang herself".

Created in 2012, the show has received rave review. Last year, the 2022 version of Peacock was recreated in a new stage format. With 50 shows in the first round across 12 places in the nation, it has received warm welcome from audiences.

It is worth mentioning that the 2022 version of Peacock also invites the Oscar Best Art Design Award winner, the famous visual artist Ye Jintian for design. The whole drama gathers the essence of Yang Liping's dance art, which is the ultimate questioning of life. From this dance performance, audiences can literally witness the whole evolution and development process of "peacock" as a traditional cultural symbol in Yunnan.

The ticket fee ranges from 180 to 980 yuan and it can be purchased through the "Foshan Grand Theater" WeChat public account.

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