Foshan starts month-long national furnishings consumption campaign
Foshan China 2023-03-22 13:04

On March 20, the "International Day of Happiness·Ideal Furnishings Festival" was officially launched among over 100 cities and 10,000 stores across the country, and a series of home furnishing industry exhibitions and events will also kick off.

Furnishing consumption campaign launches across China

Endowed with excellent geographical advantages, Foshan holds a global reputation in manufacturing, marking its unique advantages of the pan-home furnishing industry. To effectively promote the high-quality development of Foshan's home furnishing industry, the Foshan Federation of Industry and Commerce has held several special meetings with home furnishing enterprises and set up annual furnishings consumption campaign.on March 20 (International Day of Happiness) .

Multiple leading enterprises in Foshan's home furnishing industry have participated in this campaign. Remarkably, 11,670 offline stores of participated brands are located in 103 cities across the country, making the Ideal Furnishings Festival not just a carnival for Foshan citizens, but also a national home consumption festival. Held at the Lingnan Pearl Stadium in Chancheng district, large-scale brand exhibitions and sales events will be carried out around the theme of household goods consumption.

Underpinned by the government and active participation of home furnishing enterprises, citizens from all over the country can fully feel the strong strength of Foshan's home furnishing industry.

As Guangdong strives to promote manufacturing industry, how to build urban industrial IP as the starting point becomes an inescapable question.

After the opening ceremony, a round-table conference was also held around the theme of "Building Urban Industrial IP, Innovation Promotes High-quality Development". Professor Guo Guoqing, director of China Marketing Research Center, pointed out that the launching of the Foshan's industrial IP of "Made-in-Foshan products at every home" has great leading and exemplary significance. IPs of Foshan's home furnishing industry brand not only lit up the city in Greater Bay Area but also highlight the reputation of Made in China.

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