Foshan No.1 High School kicks off 80-day countdown to NEMT
Foshan China 2023-03-22 13:56

On a gathering held March 19 to mark the 80-day countdown to the national college entrance exam at Foshan No. 1 high school, the vice principal of Foshan No.1 High School gave a speech and motivate senior students. With persistence and unremitting struggle, their dreams will surely come true.

With the the national anthem playing, all teachers and students stood solemnly, facing the national flag and singing the national anthem, and the sonorous melody sounded the clarion call for every senior student. At the conference, vice principal Li Zhiwei delivered a keynote speech about the importance of struggle through vivid examples.

"The remaining 80 days are the crucial period that will really determine our destiny," he said, "In these 80 days that decide fate, every moment counts! Whether you are currently ahead of the rankings or temporarily behind, everyone still has potential, the jury is still out."

"The clarion call has been sounded, and the ship of dreams has officially set sail. You and I are all diamonds in rough!" All the senior students solemnly raised their right fists, and the sonorous and powerful slogans of the classes echoed in the venue for a long time.

At the end of the event, the most exciting moment came. The vice principals Fan Zijun and Li Zhiwei gave the battle flags to each class, then the teachers held high the flag and led the students to run passionately in the playground. On the final journey of their middle school life, they will forge ideals with struggle, realize dreams with hard work, and write a brilliant chapter of youth with the responsibility and mission as Chinese youngsters.

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