Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City Strives to Promote Investment
Foshan China 2023-09-27 10:22

The aerial photo of Sanlongwan Sci-tech City. 

In September, the management committee of Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City (hereinafter referred to as "Sanlongwan") has actively conducted several activities to promote investment.

On September 20, lead by Pan Dongsheng, director of management committee of Sanlongwan, the business promotion group for advanced equipment and CNC machine tool industry visited Yangtze River Delta to conduct market research.

On September 22, Sanlongwan Investment Promotion Conference (Guangzhou) was held, targeting at specialized and sophisticated enterprises, modern service industry and financing.

To enhance the comprehensive strength of Sanlongwan, the management committee has set up two investment promotion groups. According to the industrial layout in Sanlongwan, each group will then reach potential cooperation in relevant fields, seeking for the introduction of advanced technologies, investment projects and outstanding talents.

Seek for Opportunity in Yangtze River Delta & Guangzhou

On the intelligent manufacturing industrial forum held on September 22, Pan Dongsheng sent out warm invitation to enterprises at site.

Themed by "Intelligent Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Excellent Cooperation Opportunity", this forum has attracted several Sino-German intelligent manufacturing enterprises and representatives of business associations, such as AAB, Schaeffler, Semperit, Knorr.

During the forum, Pan Dongsheng introduced that Foshan is a city with rich culture and solid manufacturing foundation. Also, it has established close cooperation with European countries, especially Germany. In the future, he expected more collaboration will be achieved in the key areas like intelligent manufacturing, vehicle, biomedicine, artificial intelligence.

A representative of autonomous driving enterprise expressed his interest about the innovation atmosphere in Sanlongwan and sought for potential settlement. Some European enterprises also expressed their compliments about the scale and foundation of Foshan's industry.

From September 20 to 22, the investment promotion group has conducted market research in Changzhou High-Tech Zone and Liyang High-Tech Zone, visited several enterprises in the fields of medical devices, new energy, automatic driving, etc. Additionally, the group attended the 23rd China International Industry Fair to seek for further collaboration with European participants.

At the same time, Foshan Sanlongwan Investment Promotion Conference (Guangzhou) was held, attracting over 30 specialized and sophisticated enterprises, and enterprises in service industry for modern business and in finance industry.

Share Mutual Development Opportunity

Stated by Lin Jianxin, deputy director of Sanlongwan Management Committee, Sanlongwan is the key science and technology core in Foshan's latest urban scheme, which is the leading force for technology development and innovation.

As one of the key provincial platforms for industry and technology development, Sanlongwan has elaborated its advantages via cases, data and policies, promoting the excellent investment environment.

As the only pilot city for comprehensive reform of manufacturing transformation and upgrading in China, Foshan has cultivated two trillion-yuan-worth industrial clusters, equipment manufacturing industry and home appliance and furniture industry. Adhering to this direction, Sanlongwan now has set up two investment promotion groups working on eight industry sectors, including advanced equipment and CNC machine tools, new generation of information technology, digital creation, foreign investment, medicare, trades and tourism, exhibition and finance, architecture and other serving industry.

Nowadays, there is one provincial laboratory, 6 key laboratories of provincial enterprises, 19 incubation platforms, 15 maker spaces, and 83 provincial engineering technology research centers in Sanlongwan. Meanwhile, Sanlongwan has achieved remarkable progress in Sino-German collaboration, attracting over 50 European industrial service companies to settle down in Foshan.

Sanlongwan has provided multiple supportive policies in various perspectives, such as business establishment, operation, technology innovation, by offering competitive subsidies to enterprises. Additionally, it focuses on the service for talents and the optimization of business environment.

Commented by Pan Dongsheng, the management committee will further encourage collaboration across different sectors in Sanlongwan, from the practice of new business promotion pattern, exploration of promotion channels, to optimization of business environment. Therefore, it aims to inject new driving force for industrial development in Sanlongwan.

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