Foshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone: Build a Highland for Innovative Technology
Foshan China 2023-11-16 16:16

The Foshan News and Media Center, utilizing its multimedia strengths, has launched a special report and new media products titled "Leading the Way, Creating New Achievements". These works comprehensively reflect the confidence, motivation, and tangible progress of Foshan's government, enterprises, and society towards high-quality development. The goal is to foster a strong public consensus and unity in striving for achievements and innovation on the path of high-quality development. 

Among them, the special report article on Foshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Hereinafter referred to as FHIDZ), titled "Building a High Ground for the Development of Advanced Technology", is as follows:

Founder Shang Lifeng of Guangdong Andao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. never anticipated that, after relocating from Guangzhou to the FHIDZ, the company would grow into a specialized and innovative enterprise in Guangdong Province in just three years. With an annual sales revenue on the verge of surpassing 50 million yuan, the company is also expanding its footprint to the Qiandongnan Prefecture, situated 800 kilometers away.

As one of the talent teams introduced to FHIDZ in 2020, Andao Medical's development serves as a vivid example of FHIDZ's commitment to the dual focus on advancing high-tech technology and enhancing services.

Create an Environment to Attract Talents

Constructing a high-standard hub for technological innovation

A strategically designed spatial layout is crucial for the top-notch development of industries, particularly in facilitating "innovative technology". To accomplish this objective, it is imperative to establish top-tier platforms and environments.

At the construction site of the Lighthouse Community Innovation Center project in Foshan Talent Innovation Lighthouse Industrial Park, workers are busily engaged in curtain wall construction. Inside, the sound of machinery cutting can be heard intermittently, while mechanical and electrical engineering, including fire protection, water supply and drainage, and power supply systems, are progressing simultaneously.

Lighthouse Community Innovation Center project in Foshan Talent Innovation Lighthouse Industrial Park

This key project, with a total investment of 530 million yuan and a total land area of 2.3 hectares, has achieved 62.9% completion of the overall construction progress since its starting last year. In addition, Foshan Wanyang Technology Innovation Park has completed the topping-out of its buildings and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. The construction of the Chuangzhi Bay Garden Talent Apartment, with a building area of approximately 65,000 square meters, has started. The Talent Park, covering an area of 345 mu, has been completed ahead of schedule.

"Initially, our choice of the Lighthouse Industrial Park was driven by the promising development prospects in FHIDZ and its support for transformative growth and technological innovation," remarked Zhang Yongmei, General Manager of Foshan Wanyang Innovation City Technology Co., Ltd. Throughout the project's construction, Zhang can feel that FHIDZ has high attention, investment and construction requirements on the Lighthouse Industrial Park. Consequently, the company holds great confidence in its development within the FHIDZ. "The Lighthouse Industrial Park represents our advanced offering aimed at nurturing and incubating innovative enterprises in fields such as artificial intelligence, semiconductors, and new materials. We aim to accommodate no fewer than 60 enterprises in the future, with the goal of more than half being high-tech companies, aspiring to establish it as a nationally recognized incubator."

With the implementation of the "Measures to Promote the High-Quality Development of Foshan Talent Innovation Lighthouse Industrial Park", the construction of key projects in the Lighthouse community is progressing smoothly. This also signifies that the Lighthouse Industrial Park is on the verge of full operational readiness.

However, merely creating a 30-square-kilometer Lighthouse Industrial Park is not enough. Currently, Foshan is making all-out efforts to establish the Northern Foshan Strategic New Industrial Park, which spans 518 square kilometers. Additionally, there are endeavors to develop "Ten Innovative Leading Characteristic Manufacturing Parks" and "Ten Modern Service Industry Agglomeration Areas", all aiming at optimizing Foshan's industrial structure and reshaping its industrial space.

FHIDZ is actively coordinating the development of the Northern Foshan Strategic New Industrial Park and the "Double Ten" parks, utilizing the advantages of the "One Zone, Five Parks" system. It has led the planning and urban design for key starting zones within the Northern Foshan Strategic New Industrial Park, secured 385 million yuan in municipal-level funding for 2023, ensuring the park's smooth construction. Additionally, the zone is actively involved in the construction of other areas, such as the Foshan Digital Economy Innovation Aggregation Zone and the Foshan Beijiao Robot Valley Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park.

During the construction of Lighthouse Industrial Park, Northern Foshan Strategic New Industrial Park and the "Double Ten" parks, FHIDZ has provided massive potential for innovative talents and technologies. Hence, it has attracted groups of excellent projects.

Since this year, there have been over 20 high-tech industrialization talent groups settled in FHIDZ. Meanwhile, 52 strategic industrial projects from places like Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, with a total investment of 67.5 billion yuan, have settled down in FHIDZ.

Equip with service and technologies

Enhancing the comprehensive strength in innovation

Apart from the relocation of industrial space to improve capacity, FHIDZ also focuses on the quality of existing service. Piled on the improvement in both technology and service, it aims to provide comprehensive lifttime service to enterprises, driving the industry to a more advanced stage.

The rapid development of Andao Medical is a perfect example of how FHIDZ combines technologies with service. According to Shang Lifeng, the founder of Andao Medical, the company has benefited from the support from FHIDZ. In addition to support in funds, a series of professional customized service has greatly enhanced their confidence in Foshan, eventually helping them make this achievement.

The headquarter of Andao Medical is located in FHIDZ (Shunde)

To improve technology, supporting service is inevitable. This year, FHIDZ has launched the one-stop enterprise service platform, making new milestone in its "Five Top Projects" blueprint. 9 service stations have launched, with 78 specialized service institutions included in the enterprise service pool. Over 100 professional members have established a service team, providing handy services for over 6500 times.

Andao Medical is just one technology SME in Foshan. It is generally believed that technology SME is the driving force of technology development. However, funds is crucial for them. Hence, FHIDZ has strove to build a comprehensive financial service system.

Being the national pilot zone for both enterprise innovation points system and sci-tech financial innovative service action, FHIDZ has actively collaborated with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Foshan Branch) and set up a sci-tech financial innovative service center. The center has a total credit funds of over 30 billion yuan, with 19.3 billion yuan issued to support 286 enterprises.

Furthermore, FHIDZ has actively collaborated with other social parties like financial and investment institutions so as to implement the enterprise innovation points system. For instance, it has released the enterprise innovation points loan with China Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China respectively. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has processed 1.505 billion yuan of loan application. Meanwhile, China Merchants Bank has issued 364 million yuan loan, with 1.1 billion yuan credit remaining. During the evaluation conference of enterprise innovation points system (South China), FHIDZ has been recognized as one remarkable institution in implementation.

In the future, FHIDZ will further implement the instruction on "515" strategic goals of high-quality development and "One Area, One Park and One City" sci-tech innovation hub. With a comprehensive focus on building an innovation, industry, talent and service hub, it will simultaneously foster the development in both technology and service, aiming to accomplish more achievements in both technology cultivation and growth.

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