2024 "Made in Foshan" Brand Series Rankings Released
Foshan China 2024-05-13 11:40

2024 "Made in Foshan" Foshan Quality Brand Conference, coordinated by the Foshan Market Supervision Administration and implemented by the Foshan News and Media Center, was held on May 10, the eighth "China Brand Day". In the meantime, the conference unveiled the "Made in Foshan" brand series rankings.

The 2024 Foshan Quality Brand Conference attracted over 300 brand enterprises across various industries to participate in Foshan. (Photo by Wang Weinan, Foshan News and Media Center)

The 2024 "Made in Foshan" brand series rankings consist of four categories. Among them, the "Top 10 Individuals for Foshan Brand" aims to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to building the brand of Foshan's manufacture, possessing brand influence and owing industry-driving power. The list evaluates individuals comprehensively from integrity, innovation, responsibility, and achievements, some renowned entrepreneurs like Huang Lianxi were honored.

Awards to the "Top 10 Individuals for Foshan Brand". (Photo by Wang Weinan, Foshan News and Media Center)

The "Top 50 Foshan Outstanding Quality Brand Enterprises" list focuses on the exemplary practices of companies that achieve the pinnacle product quality. This list is evaluated from market share, brand image, quality standards, and technological innovation. This year's evaluation mainly targeted eight new industrial sectors including CNC machine tools, industrial robots, new energy storage, green hydrogen energy, display equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, and low-carbon materials. For instance, Foshan NationStar Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Tianan New Material Co., Ltd. successfully made them onto the list.

Awards to the "Top 50 Foshan Ingenuity quality brand enterprises". (Photo by Wang Weinan, Foshan News and Media Center)

The "Top 10 Foshan Brand Enterprises with Innovative Intellectual Property" evaluates enterprises from multiple perspectives, including brand image, patent quality, effectiveness of intellectual property utilization, intellectual property management level, and intellectual property value. Hence, it aims to set benchmarks for companies with strong innovation capabilities, good brand image, high intellectual property value, and the ability to achieve core technological independence. Rifeng Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. and Foshan Dongpeng Ceramic Co., Ltd. are two outstanding companies on the list.

Awards to the "Top 10 Foshan innovative intellectual property brand enterprises". (Photo by Wang Weinan, Foshan News and Media Center)

The "Top 20 Foshan Benchmark Brand for Overseas Expansion", aims to establish a benchmark group of Foshan local enterprises that are "going global." This list is evaluated from product internationalization, industrial internationalization, overseas service capabilities, overseas trademark layout, and overseas brand maintenance and promotion. The goal is to explore the path of internationalization for Foshan manufacturing brands, create a city business card, and enhance their value. Companies like Rifei Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Qingneng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd are also on the list.

Awards were presented on-site to the top twenty benchmark enterprises for Foshan brand internationalization. (Photo by Wang Weinan, Foshan News and Media Center)

During the conference, the "Top 10 Excellent Cases of Quality Innovation by Foshan Enterprises Chief Quality Officers" were also released, aiming to promote the quality management concepts, methods or models, innovative characteristics, and achievements formed by chief quality officers. It aims to promote the overall improvement of quality management in manufacturing enterprises across the city and the continuous expansion of the quality talent pool, fostering an advanced quality culture.

Awards to the "Top 10 Foshan excellent cases of quality innovation by chief quality officers". (Photo by Wang Weinan, Foshan News and Media Center)

After voluntary application, qualification review, material review, and comprehensive evaluation, a total of 90 enterprises and 10 outstanding entrepreneurs were shortlisted for the aforementioned rankings and excellent cases.


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