“Dragon Head Turning” Ritual Revives Dragon Boat Culture in Foshan
Foshan China 2024-05-17 10:19

On May 14, the "Dragon Head Turning" ceremony was held in every village in Damen Community, Daliang Sub-District, Shunde. The activity was held before the Dragon Boat Festival. It has been a longstanding tradition in the Damen community, symbolizing health, vitality, and well-being for the villagers, as well as prosperity and favorable weather.

The century-old dragon boat treasured by the Damen community bears vivid witness to the spirit of unity and perseverance among the people of Damen. Twelve village teams from the Damen community carried the dragon head, tail, and shrine tower, accompanied by stirring drumbeats, parading through the streets and arriving at the Kang Shuai Mansion in Damen to participate in the "Dragon Head Turning" ceremony. 

Damen Community emphasizes that the dragon boat culture is deeply ingrained in the hearts of every villager, serving as both a historical witness and an emotional bond among them. Whether it's the intense dragon boat races or the solemn ritual ceremonies, these events are cherished memories that unite the villagers, preserving the ancient dragon boat culture.

Recently, the Damen Community's Party Committee teamed up with Shunde Qichuang Social Work Association to revive residents' connection to dragon boat culture. They're improving festivals planning, venues, teams, and operations to encourage community participation in preserving this culture and exploring sustainable development for tradition and resources.

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Revisor | Eddie, Lynn

Photo | Damen Community(大门社区)

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