Free Entry to Liang's Garden This Weekend! Celebrate International Museum Day with Special Activities in Chancheng District
Foshan China 2024-05-17 10:26

To encourage more residents and tourists to explore museums and experience cultural heritage, Liang's Garden in Foshan will offer free entry on May 18 (International Museum Day) and May 19 (China Tourism Day). Visitors can enter by presenting their ID cards, senior citizen cards, or other valid personal identification.

Liang's Garden

Liang's Garden

Liang's Garden

This year's International Museum Day series in Chancheng District focuses on promoting Foshan's "Top Ten Traditional Cultures." On May 18 and 19, themed educational activities on kungfu culture and ceramic art will be held. These workshops are open to the public, with 30 parent-child pairs invited to participate for free. Led by museum staff, participants will tour the Foshan Ancient Town Historical Exhibition Hall and learn about kungfu and ceramic art through interactive sessions, fostering the transmission and development of Foshan's rich traditional and intangible cultural heritage.

Additionally, the Guangdong Provincial Mobile Museum's photo exhibition "For the Better - The Quest of Cultural Celebrities" is currently on display in the Cishi Family Temple Exhibition Hall at Liang Garden. Meanwhile, the "Splendid Yugur - Traditional Costumes of the Yugur Ethnic Group" exhibition is being held at the Foshan Ancient Town Historical Exhibition Hall, showcasing the exquisite attire of the Yugur people from Sunan, Gansu Province.

Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in Foshan's cultural heritage and celebrate International Museum Day with engaging activities and exhibitions.


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