Foshan Celebrates Dragon Boat Culture with Traditional Longzhou (Dragon Boat) Meal
Foshan China 2024-06-10 12:05

On June 8, thousands gathered in Diejiao, Foshan, to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with the traditional Longzhou Meal. Held at Dienan Central Park, the event featured exciting dragon boat races followed by a mouthwatering feast.

The Longzhou Meal, a key part of the Dragon Boat Festival, symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. The saying "食过龙船饭,全年唔使烦" (Eat the Longzhou Meal, worry-free all year) reflects the belief that this meal brings blessings of favorable weather and abundant harvests.

Each dish in the Longzhou Meal, from ingredient selection to its symbolic meaning, is closely tied to dragon boat culture, embodying the hope for a bountiful harvest and favorable weather. This allows the community to enjoy delicious food while experiencing the unique charm of traditional culinary culture.


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Photo|Foshan Daily (Foshan Travel), Nanhai Release

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