Over 2 Bln Yuan Investment! Two Major Projects of Shenzhen Enterprises to Settle in Foshan
Foshan China 2024-07-08 10:52

On July 4, the Foshan Gaoming District Government and Shenzhen International Holdings Limited ("Shenzhen International") held a signing ceremony for two major projects: the Advanced Manufacturing and Airport Supply Chain Center (Phase II) and the Gaoming Port Fuwan Operation Area Terminal. The total investment for these projects exceeds 2 billion yuan.

The Advanced Manufacturing and Airport Supply Chain Center (Phase II) in Gaoming, Foshan, will cover an area of 111.57 mu with a total investment of USD 140 million. This project aims to establish a high-standard intelligent cloud warehouse center, urban distribution center, VMI center, and supply chain finance center. It will accelerate the integration of manufacturing and modern logistics, facilitating the efficient aggregation and allocation of various resources.

The Gaoming Port Fuwan Operation Area Terminal project plans to construct four 3,000-ton berths (designed to 5,000-ton standards). With a total investment of approximately 1 billion yuan, this project aims to build a green, intelligent, and efficient public bulk cargo terminal. The goal is to make it a model modern bulk cargo port on the Xijiang River, promoting the quality development of Foshan's port infrastructure.

Currently, Foshan is vigorously implementing the "Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Project" and advancing its westward expansion strategy, with high-level planning for the construction of the airport economic zone. Shenzhen International, a leading enterprise in the development and operation of logistics infrastructure, brings significant strength and extensive experience in modern logistics operations. The establishment of these projects will enhance the integration of Foshan's manufacturing and modern logistics industries, injecting new momentum into Foshan's high-quality economic development.

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