Progress Updated! Seven Major Projects in Sanlongwan Accelerate Construction
Foshan China 2024-07-09 10:49

At Foshan Sanlongwan Sci-tech City, key project construction is in full swing, to speed up the construction of a modern industrial system in Sanlongwan.

Overall Acceptance to complete by 2024

In Wenhan Lake Sci-Tech Characteristic Town, the headquarters construction projects are in full swing, ensuring the completion by 2024.

JOYY Group Industrial Internet Headquarters Project

Located at the intersection of the Guangzhou-Foshan Sci-Tech Axis and the Nanda Avenue, the JOYY Group Industrial Internet Headquarters project covers an area of about 117 mu. Most of the buildings on plots A and B have topped out, entering a new construction phase.

Huya Global R&D Headquarters Project

The Huya Global R&D Headquarters project has a total construction area of 183,000 square meters. The project will include a 150-meter-high R&D headquarters tower and a 100-meter-high office tower.

Currently, the office building has completed the construction of 19 floors and the apartment building has been built to 30 floors, with approximately 160,000 square meters completed, reaching a completion rate of 75%. It is expected to complete acceptance by December 2025 and commence operations by December 2026.

Hongwang Group Headquarters Project

The Hongwang Group Headquarters project has a total investment of over 400 million yuan, covering an area of 22.36 mu, and will be developed into a natural ecological valley and an efficient smart city. The completion rate has reached 93%, and the project is expected to complete overall acceptance by 2024.

Industrial Park Construction Accelerates

Focusing on "innovation as the foundation, projects as the priority," various themed parks like Sanlongwan Digital and Intelligent Sci-Tech Industrial Park, Meisheng Taohuayuan Science Park, and Yi'an Science Park provide platforms for companies in advanced fields like electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, advanced equipment, and new energy, serving as the backbone of industrial structure upgrading in the area.

Sanlongwan Digital and Intelligent Sci-Tech Industrial Park Project

As the first landing project in Zone I of Foshan Information Equipment Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park, one of the "Top Ten Innovation-Led Specialized Manufacturing Parks," Sanlongwan Digital and Intelligent Sci-Tech Industrial Park will become a comprehensive park combining technology company headquarters, intelligent manufacturing sci-tech workshops, technology incubation, and living facilities.

Currently, the Sanlongwan Digital and Intelligent Sci-Tech Industrial Park has completed the exhibition hall decoration, with three buildings of the Phase I topped out, achieving 30% completion.

Yi'an Science Park Project

Nowadays, Phases one and two of the project have been completed, phase three has been topped out, and phase four is about to be topped out. 85% of the project has been accomplished.

The entire park is expected to be fully completed by 2025, focusing on attracting company headquarters and emerging industries such as automation, electronic information, and precision manufacturing. It aims to become an exemplary, influential, and leading industrial innovation center in the Greater Bay Area.

Meisheng Taohuayuan Science Park Project

Buildings 2 and 3 of the project have been topped out, with secondary structure and specialized engineering underway. Buildings 1 and 4 have reached the 5th and 4th floors of the main structure construction, respectively. The project started in August 2023 and has completed 40%.

The Meisheng Taohuayuan Science Park aims to introduce industries such as next-generation information technology, new materials, and biomedicine, creating a "technology paradise" for cultivating, incubating, and accelerating high-tech enterprises.

Runzhi Science Park

Runzhi Science Park (Phase II of Runhui Science Park) is the second phase of the first industrial project in Foshan jointly developed by China Resources Group and Zhongcheng New Industry. The total construction area is about 82,000 square meters. The project focuses on new-generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing, and smart healthcare.

It features large spaces, high floor heights, and high load-bearing designs, accommodating multiple functions like R&D, pilot testing, and production to meet the needs of enterprises at various stages of growth.

Currently, phase one of the project has successfully attracted over 15 high-quality sci-tech enterprises from Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and phase two has reached over 10 leading companies in the industry for investment collaboration.

As of June 2024, there are 18 projects under construction in the Sanlongwan Nanhai area, with a total investment of 2.651 billion yuan. The projects continue to surge forward with great enthusiasm.

The area has always been committed to creating the Foshan Central Technology District (CTD), providing high-standard development space for the industrialization of scientific research achievements, rapid landing of industrial projects, and accelerated incubation of scientific research teams. On July 1, two plots of land in this area were acquired, creating space for developing a new benchmark for the integration of "smart + e-sports + industry."

Moving forward, Sanlongwan will continue to adhere to "innovation as the foundation, projects as the priority," providing excellent service to enterprises and advancing regional project construction.

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