5-bln-yuan Project of Transfar Group to Settle in Sanshui, Foshan
Foshan China 2023-08-22 17:33

On August 20, Transfar Group Co., Ltd. has signed strategic cooperation agreement with Sanshui Government.

Established in 1986, Transfaer Group has operated in multiple areas including Transfar Chemicals, Xin'an Chemicals, Transfar Logistics, Transfar Agriculture, Transfar Science and Technology City.

It has developed into a comprehensive company with diverse brands and global recognition. After rounds of discussion, it will invest 5 billion yuan to build one comprehensive South China Headquarter, with multiple functions such as R&D, production and sales, in Datang Village, Sanshui District.

Stated by Xu Guanju, chairman of Transfar Group, he is impressed by the business environment, solid industrial foundation and complete industrial chain in Foshan. Transfar Group will further utilize its advantages in industrial and financial resources, and experience to construct green and intelligent demonstration factorires.

In the future, the company is expected to enhance the local cooperation in areas like new material, new energy, biomedicine, modern agriculture and etc., to better contribute into Foshan's economic development.

Reporter | Eddie

Revisor | Christy, Lynn

Photo | Transfar Group Co., Ltd.