Foshan Qiuse Parade relaunched! New Routes Unveiled→
Foshan China 2023-10-25 14:17

From November 1 to 5, the "Guangdong Intangible Cultural Heritage Week and Foshan Qiuse Parade", with the theme of "Savoring Foshan • Reveling in Lingnan's Autumn", will be celebrated in Foshan with great pomp. This marks the resumption of the Foshan Qiuse Parade after a three-year hiatus.

The 2023 Guangdong Intangible Cultural Heritage Week and Qiuse Parade aims to integrate traditional and contemporary elements, fostering greater participation from the local community. The event will feature seven main sections, including the culinary exhibition, Ancestral Temple autumn harvest festival, village drinking ceremony, autumn-themed competitions, Qiuse Parade, etc.

This year, the biggest change is the innovative route for the Qiuse Parade. There are two routes in total. One route spans 4.3 kilometers from Ancestral Temple to Wenhua Park, connecting the bustling commercial districts of Ancestral Temple and Jihua Road. The other route takes place in the historic Xiqiao Town, Nanhai, covering approximately 3.2 kilometers from Tingyin Lake Square to the Dengshan Avenue.

Route 1:

Depart from the Ancestral Temple Arch Square and head north, enter Zumiao Road - Qionghua Grand Theater (Performance Point 1) - Renmin Road - Tiandi Road - Jianxin Road (Performance Point 2) - Baihua Square Intersection (Performance Point 3) - Tiyu Road (Intersection with Weiguo Road: Performance Point 4) - Tongji Road (Intersection with Tiyu Road: Performance Point 5) - Tongji East Road (Intersection with Pulan Road: Performance Point 6) - Tongji East Road (Intersection with Lingnan North Avenue: Performance Point 7) - Lingnan North Avenue - Wenhua Park West Entrance Square (Performance Point 8). The total distance is approximately 4.3 kilometers, and the estimated duration of the tour is about 150 minutes.

Date: November 3rd, 19:30

Location: Chancheng District

Route 2:

Assembly at Qiaoshan Avenue - Depart from Tingyin Lake Square and head east - Jinhu Avenue (Guanxin Town: Performance Point 1) - Enter Jiangpu West Road (Yunmen Archway: Performance Point 2) - Jiangpu West Road (Tianzhenfeng Park: Performance Point 3) - Jiangpu West Road (Guanshan Civic Square: Performance Point 4) - Jiangpu East Road - Dengshan Avenue (In front of the archway: Performance Point 5) - End. The total distance is approximately 3.2 kilometers. With the opening ceremony at the sub-venue lasting 20 minutes, the estimated duration of the tour is about 90 minutes.

Date: November 4th, 19:30

Location: Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District

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