Highlights of 2023 Guangdong ICH Week & Foshan Qiuse Parade
Foshan China 2023-10-27 15:34

Originated from the Ming Dynasty, Foshan Qiuse has been recognized as the national intangible Cultural heritage.

Foshan Qiuse Parade, as well as Guangdong Intangible Cultural Heritage Week, will be launched from November 1 to 5, with 5 iconic characters. 

Integration between traditional culture and modern fashion

This year's event has upgraded to exceptional level, with 7 major performance squads, culinary exhibition, Ancestral Temple autumn harvest festival, village drinking ceremony, autumn-themed competitions, Qiuse Parade, ICH concert, Xinjiang Jiashi County Art Troupe Performance. Additionally, there are four main chapters, 51 shows for Qiuse Parade, in which 27 of them are local.

Float is always the eye-catching element of the parade. There will be 11 themed floats included in the matrix, such as "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area" float, “Beautiful Guangdong, Colourful Lingnan" float, etc.

Additionally, performance troupes from cities like Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xinjiang, Xizang and Qiandongnan will also bring their speciality to this event, creating a thrilling event.

Shared celebration regardless of location

The upgrading route of "CBD + Town" would be the innovative change for this year's event.

The parade on the first day will depart from Ancestral Temple Museum, through iconic attractions like Ancestral Temple Business Circle and Tongji Business Circle, ends at Wenhua Park. It spans 4.3 kilometers, with 8 performance spots. The estimated duration for the parade is about 150 minutes.

The next-day parade will start from Xiqiao Mountain to the archway at Dengshan Avenue. With a length of 3.2 kilometers, it includes 5 performance spots. The estimated duration is around 90 minutes.

This is the first time that Qiuse Parade has extended to areas beyond central urban areas. Known as the lighthouse of Pearl River culture, the sub-event held in Xiqiao Mountain will provide an immersive experience in local culture, further promoting the tourism industry.

Remarkably, this year's event also arranges online celebration apart from offline activities, aiming to provide complete experience of this culture regardless of location.

ICH extension to enrich daily entertainment

In addition to Qiuse Parade, this's year event also includes culinary exhibition and ICH concerts. Referring to the culinary exhibition, there will be 43 intangible cultural heritages from places like Guangdong, Guizhou and Hunan, which will be displayed in Lingnan Tiandi. It aims to provide an immersive experience about food culture to citizens.

Furthermore, Intangible Cultural Heritage Concerts would encourage worldwide musical creation in presenting Intangible Cultural Heritage in Foshan. It is to promote Foshan's culture via music.

Technology involved to promote the name of "Made in Foshan"

Advanced technology like robots, balancing scooters, artificial intelligent will also appear in the parade, adding a sense of sci-tech in this year's event.

Additionally, instead of being audiences, citizens are encouraged to participate and have close interaction with these technology, physically experiencing the charm of intelligent manufacturing in Foshan.

New landmark to promote tourism industry

On November 3, the unveiling ceremony of Foshan Cantonese Opera Theatre will be held.

The new site of Foshan Cantonese Opera Theatre covers a land of 35,000 square meters, which would become the largest and most comprehensive theatre specialized for Cantonese Opera Performance. In the future, it aims to build a "one-stop" Cantonese Opera Heritage Base in GBA, with various functions like performance, exchange event, exhibition and immersive experience.

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