Foshan Kungfu prevails as Wing Chun surprises audiences
Foshan China 2023-11-07 18:06

On November 4, the opening ceremony of 2023 China-Foshan Greater Bay Area Kungfu Film Week, as well as the dance drama Wing Chun, were held in Foshan Grand Theatre.

2023 China-Foshan Greater Bay Area Kungfu Film Week welcomes visitors from all over the world to Foshan, experiencing the charm of Kungfu films.

At the opening ceremony, imitators of classic movie stars like Wong Fei-hung, IP Man and Bruce Lee have shown up and brought amazing Kungfu quick flashing with multiple fashionable features including lion dance and street dance.

Furthermore, dance drama Wing Chun was finally showcased in Foshan after 100 sessions performed already. It brought a visual feast with Kungfu and Dance, also marked the opening of this Kungfu Film Week.

On November 5, the grand event, theme forum of the 2023 China-Foshan Greater Bay Area Kungfu Film Week was held in InterContinental Foshan Dongping.

During the forum, experts and industry professions have shared their insight opinions in regard of several perspectives of film industry, such as technology revolution, industrial development and content innovation.

The forum has covered three major areas, including “Challenges and Opportunity for Kungfu Film brought by Digital Intelligence”, “The Development of Film and Television Industry and the Derivative Industry” and “Innovation in the content of Kungfu Film and The Development of Film Industry in GBA”.

This Kungfu Film Week will be held until November 12. Apart from the free movies provided, it also incorporates various events like open air camping, Kungfu quick flashing to provide an immersive experience for visitors. Additionally, it is also considered as an good opportunity to stimulate the integration among multiple fields, such as drama, film industry and outdoor activities.

So far, Kungfu quick flashing with integrated elements like Kungfu, Chinoiserie and street dance, have been held for 4 times. In addition to positive feedback from live audiences, it also drew wide attention from the Internet with over 10 million times of discussion around it.

Check out the schedule for Kungfu quick flashing performance.

Morning of November 7, Guangfo Metro Line (special line themed Kungfu movies)

At the night of November 10, Sanshui Beer Square

On November 11, Chan Gui Fang & night market of Qiandeng Lake West Street

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