Port Louis
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Sandwiched between the Indian Ocean and a mountain backdrop, Port Louis, as the capital of Mauritius, blends Mauritius modernity and tradition. Founded by the French around 1735, it was used as a place to supply food for their ships travelling around the Cape of Good Hope. The city was named in honour of King Louis XV.




Sugar is indelibly associated with the history and development of Mauritius. From its introduction by the Dutch in the 17th century, to its cultivation by the French and the British, the sugarcane has turned the sugar industry in Mauritius into its first source of revenue for decades, if not centuries. The large-scale Bulk Sugar Terminal in the port is one of the most modernized sugar terminals in the world.



The main part of the economy of Port Louis is its port. As the only port in Mauritius, Port Louis handles all of the international trade and business for the country. In recent years, thanks to the fast development of the local industry, the city hosts over 100 factories and becomes an export processing zone for the clothing and textiles.






The city hosts around 30,000 descendants of Chinese migrants from Hakka areas, Shunde and Nanhai in GuangdongChina Town in the city is a living proof of the Chinese contribution and culture throughout the years. It is one of the African areas with most Chinese, who normally work in business, catering and hotel industry.






Sister-city Bond



Foshan and Port Louis friendship sprouted in the mid 1980s, grew with the help of local Chinese, and witnessed the blossom in 1989 with the official signing of the sister-city agreement. In the past three decades, we have had extensive and fruitful cooperation and exchanges in various fields such as economy, culture,education and sports. Governments from both sides have kept close contacts with regular mutual visits. In November 2013, Vice President Monique Oshan BELLEPEAU of Mauritius, came back to her roots, Shunde, where her father was born, to trace her familys heritage.







To promote mutual understanding, Foshan and Port Louis have presented each other cultural and sports products. For example, Port Louis presented books to us, which are now collected in Foshan Library; we presented an ornamental column, the memorial gate in China Town, dragon boats, lion dance equipment and costumes and other sports equipment. Martial arts and dragon boats coaches were sent to teach in Mauritius.