Su Ronghuan: Promote the development of air disinfection industry, Foshan being the pioneer

Foshan China 2020-05-21

Su Ronghuan, deputy to the National People's Congress and an environmental engineer of Foshan Comwin Photoelectricity Co., Ltd.
In Su's opinion, as a significant manufacturing base for the global home appliance and photonics industry, China should seize the moment, leading the development of air disinfection industry. As one of China’s biggest manufacturing cities, Foshan has well-developed healthcare industry and strong financial support, ready to have a go in the air disinfection industry.
Su suggested that China should make good use of the advantages of industrial support in the field of air disinfection industry, increasing investment in air disinfection infrastructures, strengthening support in terms of preferential policies regarding research and application of ultraviolet disinfection technologies in epidemic prevention, improving manufacturing standards of air disinfection products for epidemic prevention.
(Dim Sum Media Studio | Anthony)