Nanzhuang Huchong Village: a riverside village in Chancheng District

Foshan China 2017-05-12


Here is a peaceful small riverside village located in Chancheng District, surrounded by rivers and banyan trees. Its beauty of quietness is so special in the crowded downtown appealing to many visitors. It is Huchong (湖涌, meaning a lake and a branch of river) Village.



The water network is interwoven horizontal here. It is said that this is why it is named after Huchong.


Except for waters and bridges, another characteristic here is boats. There are many small wooden boats parking at riverside.


Huchong Village has a long history of over 900 years and it used to be an entire riverside village, and it was cut off from the outside world. There was no land routes and villagers had to utilize small boats to go out. Till now, the small boat is still the essential transport tool in Huchong Village.


(the joint tree)


When it comes to the feature in the village, every villager will give a same answer: the joint tree (trees whose branches join together). And the joining branches mean that couples stay together in Chinese.


Villagers would have a date under the tree in the ancient time. It has gradually become a place for the elderly to chat with each other at present. It will be very lively when holding a marriage ceremony. The new couple will hold a wedding feast to invite villagers to celebrate together on that day.


(the elderly sitting at the door leisurely)


(a friendly villager showed her harvest)


This peaceful life has been protected firmly by Huchong villagers. Why not come here with family to enjoy the peaceful and pureness away from the downtown here in Huchong?