Luocun Lianxing Village: a village with filial piety and morality and Kung Fu

Foshan China 2017-05-12

Lianxing Village has favorable conditions in transportation. It is located at the east of Luocun in Nanhai District, as the North exit of Chancheng and bordering on Guicheng residential district and Dali Town. Foshan Train Station is near at hand while National Highway 325, Guidan Road and Guangfo-Fokai Highway pass through the village. Lianxing Village covers an area of 2.5 square kilometers, in charge of 11 groups of villagers and a registered population of 4431.


(Lianxing Village)

Tradition of advocating filial piety and morality
The tradition of advocating filial piety and morality in Luocun has a long history, which can be proved by the large oblong sheet of red silk with inscriptions presented at birthdays of the elderly that can date back to 1888 in Lianxing Shangbian Village. The red silk is named after filial piety and morality in Chinese (孝德寿幛). It was made for 72 Shangbian villagers at their 60-year-old birthdays, and their names were all written on this red silk as a ceremony to celebrate their birthdays and advocate filial piety and morality. Since then, this activity and writing a birthday red silk have been inherited in Shangbian Village.


(Lianxing Village)

Since Apr. 2006, Luocun has launched various activities combined with its actual situation to advocate filial piety and morality. Lianxing became the birthplace of Luocun Filial Piety and Morality Festival in 2007.


(visitors visiting the Ip Man Memorial)


Famous Wing Chun master Ip Man
Ip Man’s ancestral village is Tantou Village in the Lianxing community. The Ip Man Memorial is located right here, appealing more and more outside attention in these years. Ip Man’s Wing Chun started from Lianxing and now has become a cultural brand for Luocun to advocate Kung Fu culture and build a civil village. Luocun carried out research of Wing Chun in 2003 and additionally carried out a comprehensive protection and inheritance of Wing Chun in 2009. More importantly, Wing Chun Ip Man family has become the intangible culture heritage in Guangdong Province. With an aim to utilize the celebrity benefit, Lianxing community built up the Ip Man Memorial and it was official open in 2012. So far the number of visitors from both domestic and overseas areas has reached up to hundreds of thousands, and gradually become a core carrier for world Wing Chun culture communication.


(Le’an Festive Lantern)


Le’an Festive Lantern
Another well-known feature in Lianxing community is the Le’an Festive Lantern which is the provincial intangible culture heritage with a history of over 300 years. Every ninth day of the first lunar month, visitors from all over the Pearl River Delta area will come and appreciate the Le’an Festive Lantern.