Luoyuan village: a beautiful civilized village in Chancheng

Foshan China 2017-05-12

There is a village far away from the hustle and bustle of cities. It is a place of exquisite rural scenery and amicable folk customs. This place is Luoyuan village, Nanzhuang, Chancheng, Foshan.


Luoyuan village is located by the beautiful pinewood river of Nanzhuang town, Chancheng district. The village is clean, beautiful and harmoniously integrated into the water environment. The conservation of water and soil is comprehensively improved without any man-made sabotage such as cutting down trees, exploiting bare slashes, reclaiming land on steep hills. The waterside village has a rich culture and rustic customs.

Formed at the end of Yuan Dynasty, Luoyuan village has a history of 800 years. Thus, there are many historical sites in the village, including Guanglu Gong, Dafu ancestral temple, Taiping Gong and Tanhua lane. So far, Luoyuan village is constructing as a pilot village of Chinese beautiful villages, carrying out the cleanse, brighten, afforest, beautify, civilize project. Waterfront custom street, ancient village culture experience lane, fishermans wharf and vegetables and fruits base are brought into the plan of upgrading ancient village, reproducing the amazing styles and features of Lingnan waterside village.

Located at the entrance of Luoyuan village, welcoming boat doorplate is a symbolic building in Luoyuan village. The art was created by Xu Yang, an artist of Chinese culture and tourism.


All of the doorplate materials are local. Boats are hung in the air by ropes in order, forming an arc shape. It is surrounded by ardent red lanterns that are covered by fishing net, meaning a great life with everything. The base is supported by firewood. Having firewood has a similar pronunciation of “有才 and 有财 in Chinese, which means having talent and wealth. The middle part is decorated by famous local ceramics, which gives a decent and elegant look in whole. It seems as if an old man of noble character and high prestige is opening his arms and welcoming guests, showing the open and tolerant spirit of Luoyuan village.

Walking on the clean streets of Luoyuan village, some people are taking care of their treasure in the field beside roads, which makes a pleasing picture. There is a melon and fruit shed at the beginning of the village, which is the largest water melon and fruit shed in China so far. When the fruit-bearing season comes, it is a special experience to rowing through the shed. It is said that one of the important reasons why girls in Luoyuan village are pretty is that they shower with these melons and fruits.

North Emperor Temple was built a long time ago, which is as old as the village. Mr. Luo, a native-born villager in Luoyuan village, said, “The first and fifteen day every lunar month, all the villagers will come to worship North Emperor with a wish of good weather. The scene is spectacular.

Luo Wenjun, who got the third prize in a national civil examination in the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, is a historical celebrity in Luoyuan village. It is an idyllic land with beautiful environment, rustic customs and outstanding talents.

Rowing a boat in Luoyuan village is a pleasing relaxation. As the boat moving forward slowly, beautiful landscapes on the way present themselves with a history of 800 years. Rows of antique red lanterns are hung on both sides of the river. There are some longan trees beside the river with round and sweet longans in the ripening season.

There are lots of plantains instead of rice growing in the fertile land. Houses are built along the rivers, which show a tenderness like in the south of the Yangtze River. Pools of lotus and sheds of vegetables and fruits make Luoyuan a waterside paradise.


Written by Arrietty