Xiangang village: 2015 the most beautiful village in Foshan

Foshan News 2017-05-12

Located in Danzao town, Nanhai district, Foshan, Xiangang village has a history of 1,600 years. The name of Xiangang village is originated from the legend of Ge Hong refining pills on an oven here. The semicircular village is divided into three parts and most of the residents have the same family name, Chen. According to records, the family of Chen moved from Zhangcha in 1139. After more than 800 years, there are over 30 generations.


There are a lot of houses, temples and springs with local building characteristics in Xiangang village, which is called a place full of historical sites. There are more than 10 ancestral temples, including Jiantang Dafu ancestral temple, Chens ancestral temple, Yu Zhi ancestral temple, Xiangang academy, Wen Cai ancestral temple, Yu Zhi ancestral temple, etc. They adopted the wall structure of pot handles. The features of Guangdong traditional buildings in Pearl River Delta are well preserved in residential building groups such as Chen’s ancestral temple, Low Well Mill and Water Alley Mill built in the Ming and Qing Dynasty and Changyili and Shengtang Street built in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. They are simple and exquisite. There are also former houses of the historical figure Chen Guangwen and the patriotic Confucian businessman Chen Xianzhou in modern time.

Xie Spring flows endlessly

Because of the special geographical location of Xiangang village, there are springs at the foot of the mountain. It is said that Ge Hong came to Xiangang when he travelled around the world to help others. Impressed by the beautiful scenery, he dug a well here and treated people. This spring was known for the water used to wash herbal medicine and refining pills.

As the oldest well in the village, it was built in the Song Dynasty. The water of this well is sweet and it flows all the time, which makes it the best to drink and cook tea. The well takes up about 20 square meters (5.2 meters long and 4 meters wide). The water flows from a small hole besides the rim of well and the water level remains balanced. As it flows endlessly, ancestors in Xiangang named it Endless Xie Spring (蟹泉不息), which is one of the eight sights in Xiangang.

Growing in white water, a pool of red lotus is blooming under sunshine

"Growing in white water, a pool of red lotus is blooming under sunshine is a verse of the poem written to Qianlong Emperor by Feng Chengxiu, a famous official in the Qing Dynasty. It describes the hometown of Feng——Xiangang village in Danzao. Nowadays, the beautiful scenery like white water and a pool of lotus is preserved in verse and in real life.


Burning Fan Tower

Burning Fan Tower is a traditional folk activity to pray for good weather and harmonious life in Lingnan area. Xiangang village in Danzao still keeps the custom of burning Fan Tower nowadays. Villagers will burn dries straws in a high tower built by bricks and tiles. The flame of Fan Tower going high means a flourishing life and good harvest next year.