Gangtou village: the most beautiful countryside in Foshan

Foshan China 2017-05-12

Gangtou village is located in the south end of Baini town, Sanshui district, Foshan. It is 20 kilometers away from central urban area, adjoining Xiqiao town, Nanhai district. Gangtou village is the biggest and best-preserved ancient village in Baini town with special courtyard characteristics of Lingnan buildings and clan culture.


The buildings in Gangtou village were constructed in the period of the Republic of China. All roofs are in shapes of wok ear. There are a dozens of buildings existing in a patch. Among those buildings, Liang Shiyi Temple is best-preserved with a characteristic layout.


Liang Shiyi Temple was built in the early years of the Republic of China, combining a garden, ancestral temple and library. Located in the east and facing the west, in the middle of the temple there are two traditional Lingnan courtyards. There are two sets of wood carvings on the beam golden interior, telling stories with characters in ancient costumes by high relief. The tile ridges are engraved with flowers, birds, mountains, rivers or animals.



Driving: Enter into the west line of Foshan First Ring (佛山一环) by Guangfo Highway (广佛高速) and Guangkai Highway (广开高速). Then go along Guidan Road (桂丹路)- Guidan West Road (桂丹西路)- X496 till Sanshui Gangtou Street (三水岗头大道). Follow the sign and reach Gangtou village.

Bus: Take Sanshui tourism special line 3 and get off at Baini youth cultural square station.


Written by Arrietty