Shenshui, a village with ancient architectural complex

Foshan China 2017-06-01

Shenshui village was originally established in the first year (1875) of Emperor Guangxu (光绪) period and it’s famous for Qing Dynasty architectural complex, till now there are only 13 of them preserved in the village. According to expert’s appraisal, the buildings have high cultural value in researching the architecture style and art among Lingnan residential houses in late Qing Dynasty. In October 2006, Shenshui village was evaluated as a city-level key cultural relics protection unit by Foshan Government.

Ancient architectural complex


With the trend of reform and opening-up, many families in the village are getting richer and new houses are built in these years. The ancient architectural complex is surrounded by the newly-built houses.


uniform arrangement of dwellings


Walking through the new auditorium in the village, 3 rows of low and old local dwellings houses in chessboard pattern will be presented to you. A signboard made of black stone shows that it is the Qing Dynasty dwelling house in Shenshui village.


Facing a shallow pool and backing by rolling hills, three rows of orderly old houses stand quietly surrounding by newly constructed houses. The afternoon sunshine lazily sprinkles on the gray walls and make peculiar shadow.

"All of these houses are arranged in a direction of locating in the northwest and facing the southeast, so they look very neat. Uncle Li says. All of the ancient dwellings are constructed according to a unified standard and each house is 11 meters long and 10.4 meters wide.




The dwellings are mainly made of refractory bricks and covered with tiles on the top, adopting a traditional southern method of using the eave wall to divert the rain. There are landscape murals, all kinds of reliefs and decoration patterns with poems.