Foshan invests 1.5 billion yuan to build 15 municipal featured towns

Foshan China 2017-08-03


Foshan Featured Town Construction Conference was held in the afternoon of August 2. It announced a list of the first batch of 15 municipal featured towns such as Foshan Intelligent Manufacturing Town, Foshan Qiandenghu Lake VC Investment Town, etc. And the conference also released the document of Implementation Project of Foshan Promoting Featured Towns Construction (Hereinafter implementation project).


In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of building featured towns, the implementation project defines a series of supporting policies. If a town is listed as municipal featured town, the municipal finance will give certain financial support and the district finance will support with a rate no less than 1:1. Meanwhile, municipal finance will reward provincial featured towns with 10 million yuan ($1.49 million) and national featured towns with 20 million yuan ($2.97 million). Foshan strives to build more than 30 municipal featured towns, over 8 provincial featured towns and over 5 national featured towns by 2020.


The first batch of Foshan municipal featured towns will carry out leader-related system. Among all these featured towns, Foshan Intelligent Manufacturing Town will be led by Secretary of the CPC Foshan Municipal Committee Lu Yi while Foshan Qiandenghu Lake VC Investment Town will be led by Mayor of Foshan Zhu Wei.


Supporting policies in financial support, land security, finance support, talent introduction and expert guidance are made according to the development of Foshan. 1.5 billion yuan ($0.22 billion) of municipal financial fund is especially arranged for the construction of the first batch of municipal featured towns.