Five Foshan projects win awards at 2017 Asian Townscape Awards Ceremony

Foshan China 2017-09-29

On September 28, the Asian Townscape Awards Ceremony & City Festival of Yinchuan was grandly held in Yinchuan. At the 2017 China (Yinchuan) Townscape Contest Ceremony in the morning, five Foshan projects won awards:


Hanlin Lake Agricultural Park won the first prize of Urban Public Space Award;

Lingnan Tiandi Commercial Block won the first prize of City Organic Update Award;

Fengjian Beautiful Village won the third prize of Building Beautiful Village Award;

Nanfeng Ancient Kiln and Shunde Beijiao Bijiang Ancient Villages Revitalization won the second and third prizes of City Culture Renaissance Award.

At the award ceremony in the afternoon, Hanlin Lake Agricultural Park was granted the highest honor 2017 Asian Townscape Awards as the only project of Guangdong Province, together with 15 other projects of 6 countries including China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India and Vietnam.


Located in the central area of Danzao Town, Hanlin Lake Agricultural Park covers an area of 133 hectares with the elements of agricultural planting and breeding, agricultural tourism and agricultural science popularization. It has rich natural farmland scenery and strong folk culture, which is now under application for Guangdong Agricultural Park.

Contest Introduction


"Asian Townscape Awards aims to promote cities to create good city space, build beautiful townscape and show city characteristics, which was founded by the Asian Pacific Office of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme. China (Yinchuan) Townscape Contest is co-founded by Yinchuan government and main organizations of Asian Townscape Awards.