2017 Foshan Intangible Cultural Heritage (Cantonese Opera) event held in HK

Foshan Daily 2017-07-04

Aiming to celebrate the return of Hong Kong, 2017 Foshan Intangible Cultural Heritage (Cantonese Opera) event was held in Hong Kong from June 30 to July 2.

The Home Affairs Department of Central and West District of Hong Kong organized the teenager Cantonese Opera performance on July 2. The young performers from Foshan No.1 Primary School performed the highlights from opera Xiao Zhi De Li Yuan. It told a story of the hero Xiao Zhi who determines to become a straight A student, aiming to advocate teenagers to find the true happiness.

The performance won warm applause. And the Hong Kong audience enjoyed it so much that they indicated that they would like to have more contact with Cantonese Opera. They also expected Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong could get better development.

The responsible person from Hong Kong Cha Duk Chang Children's Cantonese Opera Association said that, the performance was excellent and successful, hoping Foshans Cantonese culture could be well-developed in Hong Kong and Hong Kong teenagers could have more opportunities to learn more about the culture essence from the birthplace of Cantonese Opera, which is believed to enhance the communication between teenagers from both cities.

The principal of Foshan No.1 Primary School felt delightful that the opera could be performed for the return of Hong Kong. She expects there will be more chances to promote Foshans Cantonese culture in Hong Kong and looks forward to seeing Hong Kong+Foshansail together.