An introduction of Bruce Lee’s former residence

Foshan China 2017-05-05

(Photo from network)

Bruce Lees ancestral home and former residence locate in Shangcun village in Junan town, Shunde, Foshan. Lis ancestral hall is at the entrance of Shangcun village. There are memorial tablets of Lis ancestors in the main ancestral hall and the whole ancestral hall is spacious, tidy and solemn. The hall is 4.2 meters high with a livingroom and two rooms, which only covers an area of 51 square meters. Now the ancestral hall has been repaired and arranged with many photos about Bruce Lees life. On March 1st in 1997, nearly 200 foreign visitors who were fond of Chinese Kung fu from 38 countries and regions visited Bruce Lees residence under the leading of Liang Ting, the founder and president of the International Wingtsun Association. Bruce Lees ancestral home has been attracting visitors from home and abroad every year.


Bruce Lees former residence is near Lis ancestral hall, which is about half a mile away. The former residence locates in the middle of Xiao Long Lane that was dubbed by Bruce Lees name. Bruce Lees former residence covers an area of 51.8 square meters and it is built in a traditional style of post and panel structure in Pearl River Delta area. The house was constructed by Bruce Lees father Li Zhenbiao. The house design and furniture display are relatively simple and unadorned. An introduction of Bruce Lees lifetime with more than one thousand words and seven big stage photos of Bruce Lees movies are shown on the wall.There are also a mook jong and an incense burner table displayed in the house.


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