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As the saying goes, eat in Guangdong and cook in Shunde. Foshan is one of the cradles of Cantonese cuisine with lots of gourmet and specialties.
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    Lettuce Party in Foshan

    Guanyao Lettuce Party is a feast that has a history of over 400 years.

  • Jian Dui

    Freshly home-made Jian Dui is golden yellow and it implies a good fortune of “full of silver and gold in a house”.

  • Dexinzhai Bundled Trotter

    Foshan Dexinzhai Bundled Trotter has unique points in material selecting, making, seasoning and cooking.

  • Jun’an steamed whole pig

    Jun’an steamed pig is one of the most famous cuisines in Jun’an town with its smooth skin and tender meat.

  • Gaoming Rice Gok

    Rice Gok is a distinctive gourmet in Gaoming district.

  • Lunjiao rice cake

    Lunjiao rice cake is a traditional snack in Lingnan area and it got its name because it originated in Lunjiao Shunde.

  • Fried “Da Tuan”

    “Da Tuan” is a kind of round food which is usually made of Glutinous Rice.

  • Jinbang milk curd

    A slice of milk curd is an indispensable gourmet for Shunde people.

  • Nanhai Dading bitter melon

    "Dading bitter melon” is one of the featured vegetable varieties in Guangdong.

  • Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumpling

    Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumpling is first made in the Ming Dynasty as a kind of Spring Festival food.

  • Shunde: City of Gastronomy

    Recently, Shunde received an email from "Creative Cities Network" of UNESCO that it successfully passed the first reexamination of City of Gastronomy with great grades.


  • Asian Culinary Exchange 2017 is coming!

    The 11th Asian Culinary Exchange will be held from Nov. 10th to 12th in Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan.


  • Shunde cuisine wows the first lady of South Africa

    On Aug 13, the first South Africa-China Shunde Cuisine/Cultural Festival 2017 was held in Johannesburg.


  • Summer menu: bamboo shoot, water melon and worms?

    Summer has arrived in Foshan and there are a lot of gourmet waiting for people to taste!


  • Do you know the stories of these Sanshui gourmet?

    Four kinds of Sanshui gourmet are included in the 7th Sanshui intangible cultural heritage list.


  • Foshan home-cooked cuisines in comics arouse appetite

    Shunde cuisines are well-known home and abroad. Let us have a look at these cuisines in comics!


  • A feast made of Nanhai Dading bitter melon

    "Dading bitter melon” is one of the featured vegetable varieties in Guangdong.


  • Traditional and famous snacks in Shunde

    A familiar taste will surely recall your mind of the deepest memory. Do you remember the traditional snacks of Shunde?