Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumpling

Foshan China 2017-05-04


Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumpling is first made in the Ming Dynasty as a kind of Spring Festival food. It is different from other fried dumplings in its material-electing. Its skin is made of glutinous rice and sticky rice, and the stuffings are made of corn and fried peanuts. Pinched into ball-shaped and fist-sized ball, it is sprinkled with seamen and pressed flat, and then dropped into oil to fry till it turns golden. The characteristics of Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumplings are golden in color, thin-skinned and stuffing refined, savory taste and it melts easily inside mouth. Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumpling has been listed as "Chinese Famous Local Products more than ten years ago. (Picture from Internet)