Asian Culinary Exchange 2017 is coming!

Foshan China 2017-11-08

The 11th Asian Culinary Exchange will be held from Nov. 10th to 12th in Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan. It gathers lots of prominent chefs from different Asian countries such as Korea, Japan and Malaysia and from domestic regions including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Nanhai, etc., offering a feast of gourmet to the public. Taking this opportunity, Nanhai further promotes its cuisine culture, tourism resources and cultural history, which improves the popularity and reputation of Nanhai tourism home and abroad.


The event this year adopts innovative competition mode, introducing various activities such as tour and sightseeing, exchange and experience, business promotion and negotiation, etc. With a theme of Chinese cuisine, strong feeling for hometown, this event strives to explore and develop the cultural connotation of Nanhai cuisine.


Record-breaking scale


Enjoying high popularity and reputation around the world, the Asian Culinary Exchange have been successfully held for ten consecutive years and has become a grand event in China and other Asian countries. It provides a great platform for catering and tourism industry peers to share cuisine culture, cooking skills and management ideas. This year, the 11th Asian Culinary Exchange covers the widest competition area with the biggest scale over the years.


Varied highlights


The event consists of  a series of themed activities, including Famous Chefs Cooking Competition, Asian Cuisine Tasting Banquet, Asian Gourmet Cultural Festival, etc.

Ten teams will enter into the Famous Chefs Cooking Competition. Senior chefs, gastrosophs and leaders from related associations are invited to form a panel of judges, who will grade according to the color, smell, taste and shape of cuisine.


At the Asian Cuisine Tasting Banquet, there will be 50 tables and each table will present ten dishes, seven of which are from different countries and regions and three of which are from Nanhai.


Asian Gourmet Cultural Festival will be held from Nov. 11th to 12th at the square in front of Wong Tai Sin Temple in National Arts Studio, Xiqiao. Restaurants and souvenir companies from different countries such as Korea, Japan and Malaysia and those from domestic regions including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Nanhai will show their specialties to tourists. Tourists can have a taste or buy some home. There are also chefs cooking on the spot, giving a feast for the eyes and palate.


Brand promotion


Nanhai is rich in tourism resources, cultural heritages and scenic spots. With the flourishing all-for-one tourism and close transportation linkage under the Belt and Road Initiative, Nanhai keeps digging into the cultural connotation of its scenic spots, builds a tourism cooperation platform home and abroad, and promotes a cultural tourism brand with Nanhai characteristics. The 11th Asian Culinary Exchange fully shows not only international level of Nanhai catering industry, but also incomparable potential of Nanhai tourism.